Home fragrance: The New Fashion Frontier

Scent has become just as vital to home design as furniture and decor, so if you haven’t gotten amongst the scent-styling trend this is your sign.

Home fragrance, with its ability to evoke moods, create ambiance, and even reflect personal style, is fast becoming the latest frontier in the world of fashion for the home. Everywhere you look on Instagram and Pinterest, people are flaunting aesthetic candles as if they’re the latest must-have accessory. 

When it comes to shopping online for sophisticated room sprays and candles, though, consumers often find themselves overwhelmed by the countless options on the market from scores of different brands. Is it worth splurging and dropping hundreds of dollars on a luxury candle? How do I choose between something with passionfruit or eucalyptus notes? It looks cool but does it smell good?

No worries, because we’ve got answers to all of the above and then some. We’ve scoured the internet for the best of the best to help you set the mood in just about every room (and get the perfect pic for socials).

Few home fragrances boast the art of the humble brag quite like a candle from The Virtue. Not only do all the scents from The Virtue smell amazing but they make any space look amazing too. Our top pics include the Holy Smoke Candle, “For all the saints and sinners out there. This is a fragrant kind of worship with a strong blast of frankincense and cinnamon, lose yourself and touch god in the breath of holy smoke. This scent will send you straight to the confession booth.” HOT. And for the incense lovers, the Castro Boxed Incense Sticks paired with the Smoke Grey Incense Holder is pure perfection.

Nothing says “I love my home” more than the latest Diptyque candle. Diptyque’s newest “signature summer scent” is perfect for making your space feel warm in these colder months. “Bright, zesty lemongrass is an instant reminder of balmy summer nights. When the sun dips below the horizon, the air cools and night falls over the garden.” 

Candle care is important too, so why not invest in a tool that will do the job and look good while doing it. The Diptyque Premium Wick Trimmer is a priceless ally to make your candle last. Its design inspired by the Diptyque oval, this wick trimmer makes a beautiful companion for each perfumed ritual. It prevents the candle from smoking, preserving the quality of these scented moments. An expert accessory that lets you regularly trim the wick of your Diptyque candle, thereby ensuring that it burns optimally and smokelessly throughout its usage.

The Ashley & Co Home Perfume does the hard work for you, offering a subtle yet consistent scent in your home, eliminating the need to have to scent ‘by hand’. Either proudly on display or nestled away, the reed diffusers emanate each one of our signature scents. Simply allow the perfume to soak and ascend the porous reed and you’re set. Our fav scent is Parakeets & Pearls which has notes of Green Tea, White Lily, Orange Rind and Lime. 

Also how good is refill so your scent never runs dry! Keep your home smelling just so by stocking up on the convenient, efficient Topup kit. Designed to refill your bespoke Ashley & Co. hand blown Home Perfume glass vase, each Topup includes 250ml of your chosen Ashley & Co. signature scent, plus a fresh supply of reed sticks.

Best known for their hand-poured wood wick candles, Nevé collection of luxury home fragrance also includes elegant room sprays, pillow mist (coming July ’24) and car diffusers – designed so you can take your favourite fragrance with you, wherever the road may lead.

This winter, Nevé have created Moroccan Riad. A warm and sensuous fragrance inviting you to step through an unassuming door tucked away in the labyrinth of Morocco’s medina, and into the oasis of the Riad’s central courtyard. The scent unfolds with warming notes of fresh fig and brown sugar, complemented with a touch of jasmine and violet, and a rich base of sandalwood and musk. A true sanctuary for the senses this winter.

Another scent from Nevé we love is Whiskey + Wood Smoke, which opens with warm notes of whiskey, intertwined with hints of wood smoke, vintage leather and oak moss, balanced by a soft green cedar base and warmed with an amber musk. It’s deliciously rich, adding a chic ambience to your space – perfect for winter nights lounging fireside.

Glasshouse Fragrances never miss and these two picks are no exception. Cinnamon Clove and Sandalwood roar to life in a deliciously warm fragrance that is as intense as a flickering fire with the Fireside in Queenstown Soy Candle. The decadent and grounding fragrance, paired with wild Orris and rich Guaiac Wood is as exhilarating as a day on the slopes. A black candle can do no wrong in any space and looks uber chic next to your fav coffee table book (or even the books you bought months ago and still haven’t read).

We also cant recommend the Enchanted Garden Climbing & Rambling Roses Fragrance Diffuser enough! The most intense of fragrance that fills the room, suitable for a large area where the fragrance throw will go far, this diffuser is a holy grail in apartment living. “As the petals unfold, discover the captivating scents of Rosehip, Dew Drop, Musk, and Suede. Step into the Enchanted Garden, where fragrance magic awaits.”

If your looking for a candle to truly transform your space look no further. The Neandertal Them Candle is hand poured in the south of France (ok boujie) and crafted with “unconventional molecular materials, transparent woods and fresh, floral top notes combine seamlessly with natural essences of ambergris and sea kelp to create a clean and captivating fragrance that ignites our optimistic imagination in this era of uncertainty.”

Add a piece of history to your home with the Colossal Head Sculpture Candle from The Busted Gentleman. Modelled on the colossal ‘Head of a Youth’, a famous and spectacular artefact from the Hellenistic kingdom of Pergamon, this soy-wax candle sculpture pays tribute to the beautiful and broken pieces of antiquity which never cease to beguile modern onlookers.

You can’t go wrong with everyones fav scent Amber and Sandalwood. Heady and hypnotic, the Circa Amber and Sandalwood are a sophisticated pairing for special moments. Incorporating zesty Orange and delicate Magnolia with Vanilla and Musk, this fragrance is equal parts spice and sensuality, to delight both the bold and the beautiful. 

We love the look and smell of the Amber and Sandalwood Soy Candle and Fragrance Diffuser from Circa, guaranteed to elegantly elevate the look of any space thanks to it’s chic and understated packaging.

Storyteller, eternal dreamer, rooted explorer, Serge Lutens transports us into a world of his own making through this new AT HOME perfume collection. Distinctive and elegant, the Electric Scent Diffuser has been designed to receive Serge Lutens at Home scented diffuser cartridge to provide an almost immediate diffusion of the chosen fragrance. Interchangeable at any time, they conjure up a memorable olfactory journey over and over again, without leaving your home. Inspired by the design of a small rest pavilion, the electric scent diffuser is a true decorative item invented by Serge Lutens, offering a subtly perfumed atmosphere. 

Our pick of scent to pair with the electric scent diffuser is The Japanese House Cartridge. In the heart of a Japanese house, La dame de Heian is the embodiment itself of Japanese culture. Wooden sliding doors, tatami mat floors, wafts of incense, the silence is broken only by the swishing of her kimono. “From ashes to dust, from air to light, the Lady knows how to glide out of sight!” Serge Lutens.