We’re big fans of the jewellery stacking trend, here’s how to recreate it with local pieces

Mixing, stacking or neo juxtaposing, the art of layering your jewellery creates a sure-fire statement-making impact to any outfit.

Gone are the days of wearing just one bracelet or a simple necklace. Now, the trend is all about stacking accessories for a bold look. This isn’t about being flashy; it’s a way to add extra flair to your favourite pieces and make sure you get more wear out of them than ever before.

If you’re new to jewellery stacking, follow this guide to master the trend effortlessly and while you’re at it discover some of our favourite local pieces designed for stacking and layering to your heart’s content.

Start with a solid base

Before diving into stacking, it’s important to start with simple pieces that let your statement jewellery stand out and truly shine. We love starting with a classic chain necklace (or two) or anything that is streamlined enough to add layers to your stack.  


Left ro right: Meadowlark Figaro Wide Chain Necklace, $329, Complete Studio Wave Ring, $85, Cold Hearted Jewellery The Caitlin Tennis Bracelet, $79, Karen Walker Bamboo Hoops, $1,399

Mixing metals, friend or faux pas?

I used to shy away from mixing metals in my jewellery stacks, but after experimenting and refining my approach, I’m now a firm advocate for pairing gold and silver together, when done thoughtfully. Mixing metals isn’t just about breaking old rules; it adds depth and intrigue to your look, transforming a simple stack into a captivating display. The best part? Combining different metals opens up a world of new jewellery combinations, letting you make the most of your favourite pieces and creating a versatile, eye-catching collection

Left to right: Zoe & Morgan Aroha Ring, $149, Jasmin Sparrow Paloma Bracelet, $250, Silk & Steel x Storm 2 Tone Box Spike Necklace,$129, Silk & Steel Soirée Ear Cuff, $69

Embrace multiple statement pieces

We all have our favourite statement jewellery pieces, be it a chunky ring, dangly earrings, or an oversized pendant necklace. Instead of showcasing these bold items on their own, why not elevate your look by layering them together for an eye-catching and dynamic stack? Combining your statement pieces can create stunning and unique combos, allowing each item to complement and enhance the others. We love embracing different textures and materials such as pearls, jewels, metals, diamonds and so on to our stacks for the ultimate maximalist look. 

Left to right: Remi Artistry The Sarah Necklace, $170, Zoe & Morgan One Of A Kind Ring, $3,000, Karen Walker Mini Girl With Pearls Necklace, $499, Naveya and Sloane Mint Quartz Knots Ring Yellow Gold, $995


Making sure your stackable pieces are all different lengths, sizes, shapes and silhouettes is key but that doesn’t mean that proportion and balance goes out the window. When layering necklaces, opt for varying lengths to ensure each piece stands out and shines. This not only highlights each necklace but also helps prevent frustrating tangling. With rings you don’t want your fingers to look/feel crowded, so make sure each piece sits and looks comfortable. Same goes for bracelets and earrings, it’s all about creating balanced maximilisim.   

Left to right: Silk & Steel luna Necklace Set, $482, Stolen Girlfriends Club Layered Band Ring, $299, Pamu Hera Necklace, $89, Storm Star Line Necklace, $169

*TOP TIP* The Necklace Separator from Katy B Jewellery is a life saver for all your stacking endeavours!