Juliet Souter from Marle on her relaxed Resort collection

Marle Resort

Looks from Marle’s Face the Tide Resort 21 collection. Images supplied.

Marle recently released the brand’s elegant new collection for Resort 21 which is now available in stores and online. Creative Director Juliet Souter explores contrasting textures and asymmetric design in the refined new range which offers signature Marle styles and new silhouettes. The brand’s modern collection of thoughtfully designed and consciously created pieces is crafted from natural fibres and fabrics, with each piece designed to last. Since launching in 2015, Marle has grown a loyal following for the brand’s conscious take on everyday luxury.

We caught up with Juliet to find out more about her latest collection, what slow fashion means to her and what her top tips are for wearing and looking after natural fabrics?

Tell us about your latest collection?
Face the Tide is about softness with strength and exploring this contrast through textures, silhouettes and, naturally, fabrication. I feel that living in Mount Maunganui and the more relaxed lifestyle that inherently comes with living by the beach, is certainly reflected in this resort collection. Like all Marle collections, resort is about day-to-day luxury for women of any age at any stage of their life.

What are your favourite pieces from the range?
Resort is a collection of Marle signature pieces, as well as some new silhouettes that I’m excited to add to my wardrobe. I love the Pippa Dress, it feels quintessentially summer to me. Crafted from beautiful silk/cotton cloth, its a piece that can be worn loose and or cinched in at the waist. I’ve also been wearing the Jimmy Dress in clover stripe a lot, it’s a lovely weight for this time of year. The Ida Pants have also been on high rotation, the perfect silk pant.

What does slow fashion and manufacturing consciously mean for your brand and why is it important?
For me personally, I want my children to be proud of us and what we are creating and putting out into the world knowing that what comes from the earth can eventually return to it without leaving a trail of destruction and harmful fibres that can’t break down for hundreds of years. By nature, having a clothing business – creating – isn’t sustainable, the planet only has so much to give and we continue to take as human beings. With that being said, we are just that, human – we need clothing to keep us safe, warm, dry, protected from the sun’s rays, I have chosen this path in the industry and I’m proud to say that we use the highest quality and always strive to do better and be better with the fibres we use and the business practices we have. I believe that building a wardrobe that is considered, timeless and of high quality natural fibres is the way forward, buy once and buy well. Natural fibres in some cases need more care, that brings you closer to the purchase you’ve made.

How would you describe the Marle customer and what do you think they’re looking for when they shop with you?
I think the Marle woman has a true love and appreciation of natural fibres and the benefit they have not only to them but to the planet. She’s looking for garments that are made with intention, consideration and quality that can outlast seasonal trends.

Marle Resort

Looks from Marle’s Face the Tide Resort 21 collection.

What are your tips for wearing and looking after natural fabrics?
With the right care, garments made with natural fibres can last for many years, as they were once from a living thing, care and respect needs to be taken with them to ensure this longevity. If you see a hole develop, learning how to darn is very helpful. Piling does occur from time to time, I gently pull them away from the garment and on our website we have a helpful care guide to further explain our care tips.

What made you become a designer?
I grew up in a very creative and encouraging family who have always supported me being in a creative field, fashion is where I have always felt the most comfortable expressing this creativity so it was a natural progression for me to form my career here.

How would you describe your personal style and how it influences your designs?
The one thing that has remained constant in my wardrobe over the years is my love and awareness of natural fibres, there’ve been some questionable outfits along the way for sure but now that’s non-negotiable. I like to feel comfortable in what I wear but to keep my outfits elegant in a neutral colour palette, I find that helps with getting longevity out of your wardrobe.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
The highlight of my whole career has been starting Marle and seeing the community I’m creating come together, it’s truly humbling.

What are your goals for the future?
To continue our steady and organic growth with the business, to keep nurturing the community we’ve created and also to carry on our mission with sustainability for the business.

Marle Resort

Marle Resort

Marle Resort

Marle Resort

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