Lancome releases skin self-generation power relauncher

Lancome Releases Skin Self-generation power Relauncher

lancome-absolue-precious-cellsOn counter from 23 November, Lancôme’s Absolue Precious Cells 'relaunches the skin's self-regeneration power' – the first Lancôme skincare product to do so, and credited to a breakthough innovation from the Lancôme Laboratories.

Absolue Precious Cells is the result of 20 years of research by Lancôme to understand stem cells, and follows on the heels of Genefique Youth Activator, which has already mirrored its global success in New Zealand.

Lancôme’s Advanced Research department determined that the number of skin cells and their 'daughter' cells doesn't decrease with age; it’s the environment surrounding the stem cells that changes as we age, and thus effects how stem cells function. By restoring this environment, these cells can reach their regenerative potential once more to maintain the characteristic and hence a youthful appearance

Absolue Precious Cells combines a plant cell-derived Basal-reconstruction system and Pro-XylaneTM, to restore the stem cell environment and retrigger the skin's self regenerative potential.

Targeted at women 50+, Absolue Precious Cells will visibly reduce aging – in a clinical trial programme, after two months' use, 7 aging criteria like crows' feet and frown lines showed a reduction of approximately 20%, with some up to and over 30%.

Absolue Precious Cells Day Cream RR$310 – night cream and eye cream also available.