Love and Valentine’s Day rituals with Gaia Chinniah

Gaia Chinniah

Gaia Chinniah of Soul33 

While Valentine’s Day may have a strong commercial element, it also creates a strong worldwide energy, and with that energy, there is also a spiritual element created to energetically connect more deeply with your chosen partner or help attract the right new partner if you’re single and looking for love.

This Valentine’s Day 2023 brings an opportunity for expansion and progression in your relationship. When many people are tuning into the same energy, we can use it as leverage to help ourselves make something that is widely celebrated into something that is more personal and special to you.

Many around the world will be thinking about, if not somehow participating in, loving actions and words on this day. It’s also a bit of fun with an opportunity to acknowledge the people you love.

If you traditionally are the one who waits for Valentine’s Day plans to be made and play a more submissive role, it is time for you to step up and lead the way. How would you like to spend your Valentine’s Day? How can you inject a bit of romance into your day? If you are in a relationship, discuss beforehand with your partner what you might like to do (if anything at all). Be on the same page about your feelings towards this day to avoid disappointment.

Here is a simple and effective ritual that will spiritually support your relationship or your desire to be in one.

Either with your partner, or on your own if you are single, write down the progress you wish to make in your relationship this year or write down what you desire from a fulfilling new relationship. It is good to know these things so that you can guide yourself and your partner.

You can break it down on different levels; more honesty and safety around the open expression of feelings, sexual needs being met, better time spent together, memory creation this year, physical touch, words of affirmations – these are all some areas you may wish to deliberate on. Think about how you can progress and expand on these areas to better love and support each other or to become clearer on what you’re looking for in a new partner.

There are no limits to love. Looking at love as a progression plan through removing limitations creates more space to receive and give love. Being aware of where you need to progress and feel ‘met’ helps create forward momentum.

This would make an excellent brainstorm or topic of discussion and something productive to connect over.

Have a doing element to your Valentine’s Day as well. You might want to be a bit bolder in the bedroom and express your sexuality together or love yourself. As part of your relationship progressing, have an action in mind that helps support the progress – something that you can build on like a regular date night that you adhere to, and start this ritual on Valentine’s Day. What works for you based on your findings on how to progress your love?

The biggest spiritual message that comes through this Valentine’s Day is to follow your heart. Your mind will always put restrictions and conditions on love, but if there is anything that this particular occasion is a good reminder of is its ability to know what we want and deserve, express it, and expand our ability to love ourselves and one another.

Whether you are partnered or single this Valentine’s Day, use it as an opportunity to examine and express what a fulfilling, loving, nurturing romantic partnership looks like for you.

Overall, during the month of February, there is a lot of direction with you taking the lead and following the lead of those you believe in. It’s a month of going after what you want and breaking any self-perceived limitations. Lead yourself where you want to go.

There is luck on your side but also with an energy of honoring your deepest desires, which is perfect for Valentine’s Day. What do you desire the most from your lover or with a lover? Let your imagination go wild.

Gaia is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach. She founded Soul 33 a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy ® when she had an awakening at the age of 33. She channels messages from spirit guides, uses energy healing, and is able to speak to your soul and see your past lives. She sees your soul blueprint. She reminds you who you are in a very practical way. Gaia has a Masters in Management Studies, is a Reiki Master, and has a qualification from Omega Institute New York in Past Life Regression Therapy. She has a product distribution company in Asia to fulfil her business desires and she lives her life wanting to be the best that she can be. She has created a spiritual guidance app and is the founder of Spiritual Health Magazine to help others understand the journey. Each month Gaia will provide a monthly forecast of how you can use the energy to plan, manifest and heal your life.
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