Meadowlark launches heavenly new jewellery range

Meadowlark Paradis

Jewellery from Meadowlark’s Paradis collection. Image supplied.

Meadowlark‘s elegant new jewellery collection called Paradis is now available in stores and online with covetable styles on offer. The brand’s latest range nods to the concept of heaven (Paradis is ‘heaven’ in French) and how it has been represented in art and design since ancient times. The result is a modern collection of stellar jewellery that sees the brand showcase the striking colour of lapis lazuli, a deep-blue metamorphic rock that has been celebrated as a semi-precious stone since antiquity.

“Lapis is a new stone for us,” says Meadowlark designer and co-founder Claire Hammon. “While we were searching for a particular stone, the bright blue lapis strands caught our eye and became the muse for this collection. We have become obsessed with the vibrant lapis blue, which is also reminiscent of artist Yves Klein and his distinctive and intense brilliant-blue paint hue, and whose art has then inspired the entire collection.”

“We have taken the simplest form of the round lapis and added them to our minimal hoops in a small size and an oversized option. And again with the Maya necklaces, two sizes for two moods. The Maya ring is a sleek flat signet-style ring with a beautiful cabochon centre stone. The micro lapis styles, which give a nod to (and look great with) our much-loved micro pearl pieces.”

Paradis also picks up where previous collection Solaire left off with the Hera styles informed by the popular Solaire pieces and have had a luxe reimagining of the fluid lines in a smoother and bolder option. The Hera double hoop earrings are designed for a single piercing but cleverly give the illusion of two piercings while the bold The Hera cuff, also for a single piercing, with an extra hoop to sit inside the ear to create a sculptural yet minimal form. Among the other pieces in the range are eye-catching chunky rings which have a retro feel as do the hollowed-out hoops in large and medium styles. Paradis is a vivid celebration of jewellery as wearable art.

Meadowlark Paradis

Meadowlark Paradis

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