Meet Profhilo Body, the quiet luxury of injectables

Ava Wardecki reviews the anti-ageing injectable taking the décolletés of the world by storm

When one thinks of fillers, or even more broadly of injectables, it’s easy for the mind to go straight to forehead-freezing Botox or the bad, overdone lip and cheek fillers normalised by reality TV stars.

But there’s a new injectable on the scene that sidesteps the ‘filling’ part altogether, leaving its mark in a much more understated, yet incredibly powerful way. And no, we’re not just talking about the carbon footprint left by Americans jetting en masse to Europe for their turn under the needle.

Profhilo, a hyaluronic acid injectable, revitalises one’s visage by working its magic deep under the skin itself, without filling or freezing in the way similar treatments have always done. Call it the quiet luxury of injectables. 

Profhilo’s prowess lies in the deep hydration it delivers to the skin. Hyaluronic acid is one of the most potent hydrating and anti-ageing ingredients of the moment, thanks to its ability to hold 1000 times its own weight in water. Paired with injectable technology, Profhilo allows the hyaluronic acid to access where no skin serum can – just under the skin layer – giving this treatment its inimitable edge. 

Don’t go mistaking Profhilo’s behind-the-scenes mechanics for imperceptible results. Rather, expect this hydration hit to facilitate intense plumping, smoothing, softening, firming, clearing, brightening, and an overall more youthful look. Best of all, you’ll notice the effects almost immediately following both of your two-session treatments. 

What about the body?

Fiercely noted by beauty editors and skin experts in recent years, below-the-neck neglect when it comes to our skincare is responsible for a new deluge of products and appearance medicine innovations, targeting areas below the jawbone. Enter, Profhilo Body, the Profhilo treatment for the neck, backs of the hands and, my personal choice, the décolleté.

As with the original Profhilo for face, Profhilo Body is designed to deliver on the two main camps of skin rejuvenation: repairing the appearance of already damaged or deteriorated skin, and helping to slow further signs of ageing like creping and lack of lustre. You will have your own opinions about this. In my case, as someone with the skin age of a woman in her 30s, despite being in my 20s, a mix of the two actions was a truly welcome idea. 

“You are the perfect person for this treatment,” shared Clinic 42‘s Dr Joanna Romanowska upon confirming my age and inspecting the décolleté skin creping I pointed out in my initial consultation. Later revealed to be an early sign of skin ageing, it was strangely validating to have this sneaking suspicion of mine confirmed by her expert eye.  

With the consultation done, it was time for several petite injections of Profhilo into various points on my décolletage. The whole process lasted for what felt like just shy of 15 minutes. Before stepping out of the clinic, a soothing sticker was placed on the treated area – similar to a face mask, sans dripping serum – and I was told I could go merrily about my day.

The downtime was, indeed, minimal. I had zero bruising and none of the gentle bumps I’d been warned to expect, Dr Joanna having explained that Profhilo’s honey-like texture can spread slower depending on the individual in the hours after the treatment.

Instead, I woke up the next morning to a glorious surprise: my décolleté was impossibly clearer, plumper, and baby soft. Those pesky lines that once ruched around my cleavage were much more smoothed. Impressive, seeing as they’re usually much more pockmarked post-slumber. 

This, after just one session of my two-part treatment. Not to mention pre-smoothing on Profhilo Figura, the treatment’s velvety and multi-active, take-home toning body cream for some extra soothing. My second session locked in the effects of the first Profhilo treatment which, weeks later, are still visible to the naked eye and no less impressive to touch.

Paying dividends as far as preventative and restorative beauty, my experience has convinced me that Profhilo is worth prioritising on your beauty to-do list, and would make for a low risk, high reward start to your injectable journey, should you be considering it.

Photography: Getty Images for AAFW