Michelle Devereux from The Edit Cosmetics shares her beauty tips

Michelle Devereaux The Edit Cosmetics

Michelle Devereux, founder The Edit Cosmetics. Image supplied.

Michelle Devereux has been an international makeup artist for over 25 years. She has travelled all around the world with supermodels, musicians, world leaders, famous sportspeople and incredible photographers, achieving Vogue covers and beauty editorials in glossy magazines. She’s worked in some incredible places like Morocco, Egypt, Cote D’Azure, Tahiti, Paris, Milan and Zurich and knows exactly what it takes to create beautiful, glowing skin from the foundations up any time of day, no matter the location, season or conditions. In 2020, Michelle took all the expertise and knowledge she had gathered over the years and created The Edit Cosmetics – a beautifully refined capsule collection of five punchy skincare essentials.

We chatted with Michelle about her most memorable career experiences, her top tips for autumn skin and her best advice for anyone wanting to follow their passion and start a business of their own.

As an international makeup artist with over 25 years of experience, we’re sure you’ve been put to the test with varying locations, times and temperatures to work around. What are your top three tips for creating a great base to apply makeup to that will last all day?

I always recommend starting with clean skin that is well hydrated but not greasy. Use a primer to fill lines and pores, this will also help grip onto foundation and keep skin matt throughout the day. Finally, use a setting spay after application and if possible again at intervals throughout the day.

Having travelled the world for work, you must have some incredible work stories. Can you tell us a bit about your favourite shoot locations/experiences? 

I lived in Milan for a time and while there I had the opportunity to work in Morocco and Egypt. Both were amazing locations to immerse myself in and be inspired by the culture and deep history. Visiting the tombs of ancient kings and queens and shooting in the temple of Karnak was something I will never forget.

I also found Palau and Tahiti spectacular when visiting for Australian magazine shoots. The Pacific culture there is very different and laid back with beautiful beaches, coral reefs, atolls and tropical forests to shoot in.

I’m incredibly grateful for all the location shoots I’ve worked on, as you really get to experience a country as a local and not just a holidaying tourist. Often you get to see places that are not open to the public or common knowledge which is so special.

What is your go to autumn morning and evening routine?

I start my autumn mornings with just a splash of warm water, I don’t like to over cleanse as my skin is often on the drier side. I pat skin dry and follow with a Vitamin C product like my Miracle Worker C-Serum to help reverse summer sun damage and boost hydration, and finish with a nourishing eye cream and day cream. And if I feel my skin needs some extra TLC I’ll add a few drops of my night oil to my day cream for extra nourishment.

During the evening, I’ll remove makeup and cleanse using a gentle exfoliant to remove any rough dry skin and build up from the day, and once skin in clean and dry, I’ll follow with a rich night oil for deep nourishment, repair and to calm skin.

Are there any products or skin treatments you can’t live without over the cooler months?

Definitely The Edit Miracle Worker C-Serum, with a potent mix of Vitamin C, AHA, Hyaluronic and Collagen, it’s perfect under your day cream and SPF for added protection against environmental stressors. And I love using a night oil at the end of a busy day, The Edit Midnight Magic Luxurious Night Oil is the ultimate stress buster, combining eleven super oils to not only nourish, restore and calm skin, but the exquisite bespoke fragrance will lull you to sleep too!

Michelle Devereaux The Edit Cosmetics

Products from The Edit Cosmetics Capsule Skincare Collection.

What was your drive for creating The Edit Cosmetics and what has the response been like so far?

I really wanted to help people achieve optimum skin goals without too much complication, and I wanted to take the guess work out of their skincare choices. Being a makeup artist and working on people who were struggling to achieve a fresh natural smooth complexion before applying makeup, definitely motivated me to formulate a capsule range that achieves this and more, but remains simple to use and works across many skin types and genres.

Education is key and I felt that with my experience I could help others to achieve great skin through an easy to achieve, quality routine. I really do love helping people and sharing my knowledge. Response has been amazing since we launched and so positive! My clients are extremely loyal and The Edit customers love that they have found an effective solution that is easy to incorporate into their everyday lives.

How would you describe The Edit Cosmetics customer and what do you think they’re looking for when they shop with your brand?

Our customers are busy, informed consumers who like to know what they are using ingredient-wise and how authentic the brand is that they are dealing with. Our customers are often time poor (like most of us!) and are looking for an easy yet effective quality routine. Our simple five step system eliminates any stress and fuss, while providing real results, allowing them to step out for their day confidently knowing they’re doing their best for their skin and themselves daily.

What do you think we should all be doing as individuals to consume beauty products more responsibly?

I believe we should all be supporting local, sustainable brands where possible as a first step in responsible consumerism. Asking questions regarding packaging, testing, manufacturing of products and discovering the brands values are all important. Being able to recycle packaging in a responsible way and reduce waste, as well as looking for ingredients that won’t harm us or our environment are incredibly important and to me should be high on the values list.

Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to follow their passion and start a business of their own?

Taking the first steps are the hardest when beginning a new venture, but by surrounding yourself with knowledgeable and supportive people you will be able to see your project come to life. Having a very clear vision from the get-go is important for communicating just what you need and helps to map out the steps to get there. Being a problem solver is super important as there are many hurdles to cross. There will always be a solution to a problem you just have to be flexible in your thinking and open to ideas of how to achieve it. Working things out and not giving up gives you confidence in your ability to achieve goals.

How do you personally define success and what does it mean to you?

Success is different for everyone, but for me it’s seeing that I have made a positive difference to someone’s day and more specifically created a brand and lifestyle of my own that is authentic and that I am proud of.

What are your goals for the future?

I would love to see The Edit range expanding and have some fabulous ideas for new products that will fill the gaps I see in day to day self care regimes. Clients are always asking “when are you going to make such and such?” I always take this on board and will definitely be looking to formulate new products that solve problems in a simple, effective and thoughtful way.

The Edit Cosmetics: The Edit Cosmetics is a refined capsule collection of five punchy skincare essentials, designed to both simplify and amplify your daily self-care routine. An eco-luxe range of active, natural ingredients combined with pure aromatics and carefully formulated to facilitate healthy, glowing skin and a simply decadent experience. Proudly refined and exquisitely made in New Zealand.

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