NEWSFASH – Vivienne Westwood x Specsavers, Naveya & Sloane, Maggie Marilyn + more

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This week we’re serving up the hottest news from our favs including eye-catching collabs, sparkly birthday’s and coveted collections.

This edition of NEWSFASH highlights some of the most exciting recent launches and partnerships that are redefining the industry. From the iconic punk-inspired designs of Vivienne Westwood teaming up with Specsavers, to the luxury aesthetics of Naveya & Sloane, and the eco-conscious elegance of Maggie Marilyn, these brands are pushing the boundaries of creativity and ethical fashion.

Join us as we delve into the latest trends, key pieces, and what makes these collaborations a must-watch for fashion enthusiasts and conscientious consumers alike.

Vivienne Westwood and Specsavers are keeping our boys looking sharp this season

Specsavers, renowned for their commitment to quality and affordability in eyewear, have joined forces with the legendary British fashion house, Vivienne Westwood, to introduce an exclusive men’s eyewear collection. This collaboration marries the trusted craftsmanship of Specsavers with the avant-garde and iconic fashion ethos of Vivienne Westwood, creating a line that is perfect for men looking to enhance their personal style with a touch of luxury and sophistication.

Drawing inspiration from the glamorous Hollywood era of the 1950s and 1960s, the collection channels the allure of vintage cinema and the charm of the glitterati. These frames offer a nostalgic nod to the past, evoking the elegance and charisma of legendary stars, while infusing a modern edge that speaks to contemporary fashion sensibilities. The collection masterfully blends classic silhouettes with innovative design elements, making it a celebration of timeless style that feels refreshingly current.

The Vivienne Westwood Eyewear collection for men features a range of 13 meticulously designed optical frames, each priced from $459. Signature Vivienne Westwood design elements, such as subtle logo detailing and distinctive colour combinations, add a unique touch that sets these frames apart from conventional eyewear.

This collaboration highlights the evolving nature of eyewear fashion, where functionality meets artistry, and where heritage brands like Vivienne Westwood continue to influence and inspire modern trends. The collection is available exclusively at Specsavers, providing an accessible entry point for fashion-conscious men to experience the allure of designer eyewear without compromising on quality or breaking the bank.

Whether for daily wear or special occasions, the Vivienne Westwood Eyewear collection is available online and in store now and offers a perfect blend of style, comfort, and sophistication, making it an ideal choice for the discerning gentleman looking to make a fashion statement.

Discover Maggie Marilyn’s final chapter of Where Wild Things Grow; a collection inspired by Mother Nature’s enduring capacity for change

The second chapter of Where Wild Things Grow meditates on a long-forgotten word in the English language: ‘apricity’. Coined in the 17th century to describe, “The warmth of the sun on a chilly day”, designer Maggie Hewitt felt the word immediately captured the sense of optimism and hope she has long looked to Mother Nature for. 

Hewitt’s moodboard featured American nostalgia, wild country gardens and artist Cy Twombly, but the most important references were the family photographs. “I’m always in a nostalgic state when designing, but being pregnant for the first time and thinking a lot about my own parents, that nostalgia really came through in the clothes – deconstructed knitwear that reminds me of Dad’s old jumpers, retro-inspired sportswear as a nod to the jackets he wore out on the farm and fishing, juxtaposed against feminine silhouettes and hand-painted floral silks that remind me of my mother’s beauty and the garden she’s been tending to all my life,” explained Hewitt.

The B Corp. womenswear brand continues to use business as a force for good and realise its vision for a fashion industry that champions transparency, circularity, regeneration and inclusion. Their latest collection was manufactured in a transparent supply chain, using fabrics that tread lightly on the planet, and with the support of businesses like fellow B Corp. Outland Denim, and Ethical Edit, who provide industry-leading services to produce ethically-sourced materials like Maggie Marilyn’s cashmere.”Maggie Marilyn hopes to prove that you don’t have to compromise on design for your values. This collection has been manufactured with so much care, but it’s also a collection that was designed to lift the wearer up and make them feel like the best version of themselves. I believe both things matter,” said Hewitt.

Chapter Two from Where Wild Things Grow is available in store and online now.

A milestone 15th birthday for luxury jewellery house Naveya & Sloane calls for a celebration

To pay homage to the brand’s heritage, this June the atelier welcomed four new designs into their Signature Engagement Ring Collection, each a new iteration of their iconic Sloane setting.

Joining the Signature Collection is a selection of new engagement ring options featuring a selection of sought-after diamond cuts. The Sloane Cushion and the Sloane Oval are both timeless in silhouette and style, while the new Sloane Floating Oval and Sloane Oval Three Stone add a contemporary edge to the collection. In keeping with the original Sloane setting design, all new styles have a regal-inspired basket which sits like a crown on the finger.

A birthday seemed like a fitting time to honour a design that has become a firm favourite of the Naveya & Sloane community, with co-founder Rachel Sloane noting that its popularity has continued year after year.

“The Sloane setting is a true embodiment of our design philosophy. A classic look from afar with precious, meaningful details at closer inspection. It is by far one of our most sought-after designs. We’ve loved watching our clients personalise their Sloane pieces over the years from choosing hand-picked diamonds or treasured gemstones, or including hidden details such as engraving in their designs. The style is so timeless, yet captures so much personality as each piece is made to order for the wearer.”

Crafted with heirloom quality precision, the Sloane design is intended to stand the test of time, treasured by the wearer to be handed down to the next generation. Each design is made to order and customisable, to ensure each ring is as unique as each love story and able to suit any vision and budget. Precious metals include 18k Yellow, White and Rose Gold or Platinum, featuring natural diamonds, lab-grown diamonds or gemstones.

This birthday comes after another recent milestone as the luxury brand received over 1000 5-star reviews on Google, positioning them as New Zealand’s most 5 star reviewed jewellery house. This overwhelmingly positive feedback is a testament to their unwavering commitment to providing unparalleled service and unique, heirloom-quality jewellery. Every review highlights Naveya & Sloane’s dedication to ensuring a seamless, personalised experience, from the initial consultation to the final, beautifully crafted piece.

The additions to the Signature Collection are available now with pricing starting from $4,400.

Moochi Palette Three is here!

Palette Three; surface capturing serene fluidity and bold structure. Transition effortlessly into spring with additions that will become indispensable parts of your wardrobe with the promise of warmer weather and lighter days on the horizon.

“Palette Three is a quietly provocative and self-assured expression of nonchalance and confidence.” –Lead Designer.

Our favs from this drop include the Onward Shacket in Black, the Frame Bias Skirt in Khaki Green and the Coil Dress in Black.

Knitwear blends in rich textures of mohair, floaty fabrics & enduring silhouettes designed and created to make each piece the most loved in your wardrobe for years to come. This drop boasts a colour palette that explores rich earthy tones of cumin, olive and taupe with fresh shades of ivory & lace lifted by ethereal blues and contrasted with soft luxe leather.

An answer to casual composure, Moochi embarks on a steady flow through the seasons in Palette Three for 2024. In a period of transition, this palette draws on the balance of our natural surroundings, melding fluidity and structure through thoughtfully paired fabrications and textures. Avalible in store and online now, bring gentle poise to your wardrobe with Moochi Palette Three.