NZ designers support Breast Cancer Cure NZ

Breast Cancer NZ

Ruahei Demant, Liana Mikaelel-Tu’u, and Maiakawanakaulani Roos wearing Moochi

The list of creative minds behind the Tees For A Cure winter collection reads like a who’s who of New Zealand designers: Coop, Juliette Hogan, Kathryn Wilson, Moochi, NYNE, Stella+Gemma, Storm, Trelise Cooper, and Tuesday Label.

It’s an inspiring line up for an inspiring cause – Breast Cancer Cure NZ. By supporting Tees for a Cure winter edit, you can help raise vital funds for breast cancer research and help protect the next generation of New Zealanders to look forward to a future free from the fear of breast cancer.

The winter 2023 collection features long-sleeved tees, crew neck sweatshirts, hoodies, and a tech jacket for the first time in the history of the campaign – perfect for the colder winter months.

It’s also worth taking a moment to find out more about the thought process behind the designs. For example, the NYNE Tech Jacket features a supporters print, where the eight markings represent those who will protect and support during the challenges faced, while the ninth marking represents you: ‘even in the face of adversity, you will be protected with the support of your cheerleaders and personal bodyguards that stand behind you – let them help you to the finish line.’

Breast Cancer takes two of our nation’s women from us every day, and 3500 Kiwis are diagnosed each year. The winter collection is an easy way to make a difference and contribute towards Breast Cancer Cure’s ongoing research in New Zealand.

All profit from the sales of this iconic fashion campaign go to Breast Cancer Cure NZ.

Photographed by Anupam Singh at Showroom 22, the winter collection shoot included a bevy of New Zealand Fashion designers, breast cancer survivors, and local athletes. New Zealand women’s rugby players Ruahei Demand, Maiakawanakaulani, and Liana Mikaeelel-Tu’u’ joined radio host Sean Hill, chef Peta Mathias, BCC Board Chair Fay Sowerby, Nerida Cortese, and local designer Juliette Hogan to showcase their favourite designs.

The winter ’23 Tees for a Cure collection is online now and available for pre-order.

Breast Cancer NZ

Biddie Cooksley (Black Hoodie) and Penny Cooksley (Orchid Hoddie)
Erilyn Dagan wearing Coop by Trelise Cooper

Breast Cancer NZ

Fay Sowerby (BCC Board Chair) wearing Trelise Cooper
Huriana Manuel wearing Storm

Breast Cancer NZ

Jess Tyson Wearing NYNE
Juliette Hogan wearing Juliette Hogan 

Breast Cancer NZ

Juliette Hogan wearing Juliette Hogan
Nerida Cortese Wearing Coop by Trelise Cooper

Breast Cancer NZ

Rosie Hooper and Georgie Robinson wearing Stella + Gemma
Savannah Scheen wearing Kathryn Wilson

Breast Cancer NZ

Sean Hill and Olivia (Red 11) wearing Tuesday Label
Stacey and Dane wearing Moochi

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