“New Zealand’s future hinges on global engagement” – Wynn Hamlyn

An open letter from Wynn Hamlyn founder Wynn Crawshaw to the new NZ government

In the lead-up to New Zealand’s general election on October 14, 2023, we asked leaders within our fashion community to write open letters to the next government.

The letters were to be submitted before voting day and published after, ensuring those we approached could speak their minds without needing to openly pledge their political support to a particular party or PM.

The brief was simple: what do you, as a business owner and a leader in the fashion community, feel is the most pressing issue for the government to address over the next three years? Is it economic support for NZ retail and manufacturing? Is it practical solutions around fashion and climate change? Is it investing in fashion and the arts? Is it creating more space and opportunities for indigenous fashion to thrive?

The below communication was penned by Wynn Crawshaw, designer and founder at Wynn Hamlyn, and is published here verbatim.


To: Future New Zealand Government

Subject: Prioritising Export and Free Trade for New Zealand’s Prosperity

Dear Next New Zealand Government,

As the incoming New Zealand Government, I urge you to prioritise the enhancement of our export and free trade agreements. Our economic well-being greatly depends on these relationships. These are the areas we need help with:

  • Support for SMEs: Provide SMEs with export subsidies, credit access, and training to promote their global growth.
  • Education: Invest in trade education to empower our workforce and businesses.
  • Sustainability: Align trade practices with our commitment to environmental sustainability.
  • Stakeholder Collaboration: Regular consultations with businesses and experts to shape adaptable trade policies.

New Zealand’s future hinges on global engagement. By emphasising exports and free trade, your government can ensure economic growth, job creation, and an improved quality of life for our citizens.


Wynn Crawshaw