Second Skin gives unwanted beauty products a new life

Second Skin

Anastasia Donnachaidh founder of Second Skin. Image supplied.

Second Skin is a smart way to connect unwanted beauty products with those who will love and use them. Founded by Anastasia Donnachaidh in April 2020, the New Zealand based online consignment store offers a range of pre-owned makeup and skincare, some of which has never been opened and some that has been tried and then hygienically cleaned to be suitable for a new owner. The range of products on offer includes many leading international and local beauty brands.

Like many of us you’ve bought new makeup or skincare that wasn’t quite the right fit for you and it is sitting in a cupboard or on a dresser until it’s eventually thrown away. Second Skin sells unwanted product to a new owner, reducing waste (of which the beauty industry is a huge culprit) and meaning someone else might find their new favourite product.

Second Skin also offer free samples with purpose,¬† their take on the common marketing tactic “free sample with purchase” and means¬†customers can choose up to three free samples with every order that Second Skin’s sellers have provided alongside their products for sale. Which is another clever way to reduce waste and find a home for the abundance of samples that beauty brands give out.

We caught up with Anastasia to find out more about how Second Skin works and what she thinks we should all be doing as individuals to consume beauty products more responsibly?

Where did the idea for Second Skin come from and what has the reaction to it been like so far?

The idea came from my own experience purchasing a skincare product that my skin negatively reacted to. Although I had carefully researched the product, it wasn’t until I had bought it and tried it for myself that I knew it wasn’t for me – which left me with a near-new product that I had no use for and $55 out of pocket.

I knew I likely wasn’t the only one in this position. So, after speaking with friends, colleagues, family members about their own experiences, I realised that there were so many reasons you might end up with a product that won’t get used up. Whether it’s because you were gifted a fragrance that isn’t your scent, purchased a foundation that didn’t end up being a colour match or a skincare product that didn’t work for your skin. The reasons are endless, yet there wasn’t a solution in NZ for this. So that’s where Second Skin comes in.

The reaction to Second Skin has only been positive, which I believe is because, from the beginning, I’ve set out to maintain a high standard for the products featured on the website. Our customers won’t find used lipstick or mascara on Second Skin. Instead, they’ll discover products we believe are fit to be purchased pre-owned.

Second Skin

Beauty products available on Second Skin include many leading brands.

How does Second Skin work and what’s the process like for buyers and sellers?

Second Skin is an online consignment store for pre-owned skincare, haircare and beauty products.

Sellers send us their products; we feature them on our website provided they have met our product criteria, and the Seller gets 50% of the sale price once their product has sold.

For our customers, it’s as easy as browsing through our selection of products online. Every product has its relevant key info – whether it’s unopened or opened, how much product is left and when it was first opened. New products are added weekly, so there’s always a lot of variety.

How would you describe the Second Skin customer and what do you think they’re looking for when they shop with you?

People who shop with Second Skin are generally conscious of their mark on the environment or are looking to save some money where they can and embrace second-hand shopping within their lifestyle.

By offering an easy, trusted and hygienic way to add cosmetics under the category of pre-owned products available, our customers can shop for products they know and love or try something new – all while still consuming them as pre-owned.

What do you think we should all be doing as individuals to consume beauty products more responsibly?

Be conscious of your consumption. Stick to buying what you need and finish up what you already have.

As the beauty industry has come to replicate fast fashion, brands are coming out with more products each year than ever to get ahead of consumer trends. Though it can be tempting to buy into the hype of new, trendy product launches, sticking to only buying what you need will help you avoid impulse purchases that can lead to having products that go unused and ultimately end up in the bin.

How do you personally define success and what does it mean to you?

Success is seeing Second Skin be a part of the solution to minimising beauty waste and embraced by people all over New Zealand.

I have always wanted to focus on things that positively impact the people and environment around me, and seeing Second Skin do just that means a lot to me.

What are your goals for the future?

Grow the Second Skin team – It’s just myself at the moment, along with some temporary part-time help when it gets busy. Lease a retail space for product drop-offs and click and collect orders.

Second Skin

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