Six of the best fitness apps to get your body moving

Best fitness apps

Looking for a fitness app? We’ve found some great ones. Image via Adobe Stock.

Just like with everything else that is tech-related, there are thousands of fitness apps to encourage you to get your body moving and they don’t discriminate whether you workout from home, out on the streets or in the gym. The trick is to know what apps work best for your wants, needs and lifestyle. So we have picked out six fitness apps for whatever fitness level you may be, to help you kickstart your fitness journey with ease.

General fitness
Myfitnesspal is an app for everyone due to the fact that it is top rated by consumers and very user friendly. You can log exercise steps and calorie intake, helping you to make healthier choices for your body. It integrates with more than 50 other apps to sync all of your workouts and has a library of over 350 cardio and strength training workouts. Myfitnesspal also has a huge food database of more than six million foods, to make food tracking easy.

Women’s fitness
SWEAT app by Kayla Itsines is an app predominantly for women by women and features custom workout plans for cardio, strength training, pilates, yoga, zero equipment and post-pregnancy, just to name a few. This subscription-based app charges a monthly fee and gives you access to whatever workout suits you best for the gym or at home.

Headspace is fitness for the mind. A meditation app to help with sleep and the daily stresses of life. Headspace has a free app option or a paid upgrade and caters for beginners right through to experienced meditation fans.

Quick workouts
The 7-minute workout app is designed for people who lead busy lives. With 12 exercises that can be completed within 7 minutes and backed by science-based research, this is the perfect app for those of you who either don’t have time to work out or get bored easily with longer workouts.

Fitness for beginners
Sworkit is the app you need if you are a complete beginner to working out. With a variety of workout plans, all you need to do is enter the amount of time you have to workout and the type of exercise you would like and the app will custom make a workout for you on the spot. You can even privately message the apps trainers with workout questions.

Personal training
PEAR personal fitness coach is the perfect app for those of you who need a word of encouragement. This is not just a calorie counter and activity tracker, this app integrates with other fitness apps you have stored data with and uses that information to create and adjust your workouts. PEAR’s list of automated trainers are voices from Olympians, Athletes and record holders, so it’s not just a generic AI voice promoting your workouts.