5 of the best hair dryers according to your hair type

It’s a big investment, but the right hair dryer will buy you time

Drying our hair has to be up there with the worst kind of beauty admin. There’s a reason we put off ‘wash day’ (a phrase that severely underplays the burden of washing, drying and styling), making best friends with our can of dry shampoo and pushing the limits of the ‘sleek’ bun until our scalps can’t take it anymore. Add in the mental arithmetic of an asymmetrical events calendar (hair down on Thursday and Saturday, how?) and there’s no wonder hair dryer chat can draw more impassioned speeches amongst friends than a post-date debrief.

The thing is, what works for one might not work for the other. But in 2023, drying your hair doesn’t have to be hard – for anyone. Yes, the market is saturated (get it?) with hundreds of hair dryers, each designed with specific features to target certain hair types, dry hair quickly and smooth it down, without leaving frizz and flyaways. No, you don’t need to do the research. Here are our five picks.

Best hair dryers

Best hair dryer for curly hair Remington Air3D hair dryer with diffuser, $299
Combining three key features needed for fast, smooth styling – a unique 3D airflow path, smooth conditioning technology to reduce frizz, and a lightweight, balanced design for comfort and control – use with the diffuser attachment to help define your natural curls.

Best hair dryers

Best hair dryer for fine hair – Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, $699
Undefeated as far as engineering goes, the Dyson Supersonic revolutionised hair drying when it launched in 2016, drying hair in record time with its innovative technology that harnesses a high-velocity air stream. Amazing for all hair types, it’s especially great for fine hair as it utilises airflow rather than extreme heat, protecting vulnerable locks from damage and breakage.

Best hair dryers

Best hair dryer for frizzy hair – Panasonic EH-NA65 Nanoe Double Mineral Advanced hair dryer, $350
This hair dryer works hard to get rid of frizz, flyaways and static by infusing moisture into the hair from atomised water molecules. The result is hydrated, healthy, shiny locks that recall the viral ‘rich girl hair’ trend (still a thing, if you ask us).

Best affordable hairdryer
VS Sassoon Keratin Protect Salon Performance Hair Dryer, $89.99
Speaking of ‘rich girl hair’, if a sleek blowout is your goal but your bank account won’t have a bar of it, this 2100w hair dryer has all the features a hair dryer needs – including three heat and two speed settings – without the expensive price tag.

Best hair dryers

Best travel hairdryer
ghd Flight Travel hair dryer, $129
Again, not a hair type but worth an honourable mention on the list, this hair dryer is high-powered and it weighs 60% less than its bigger sibling, perfect for your carry on luggage or your gym bag.