Spring 2022 Cleanse and Renewal Ritual with Gaia Chinniah of Soul33

Gaia Chinniah

Gaia Chinniah of Soul33. Image: Rachel Lochhead

Each season brings us an opportunity to cleanse and clear away the old and bring about the new. This spring ritual is to clear away the cobwebs of the winter months, the stillness and the residues of the cold in your home, and to review the possibilities that you can plant for the summer.

A spring clean and cleanse ritual for your energetic home.

Spring Cleanse Tool Kit: You will need

  • Sea Salt (pantry is fine)
  • White Sage or Sage Incense
  • OR you are able to visualise this ritual and perform it using your imagination, it is still very powerful.

Mix a teaspoon of sea salt with some pure water in a small bowl or cup and hold it in your hands. Energising it with purifying energy from your soul, look into the sea salt and visualise the vastness of the ocean and its ability to wash away the old and bring the new ashore. Pour into it the energy of positivity, clarity, purification, and cleansing with your intentions into your salty water solution. Then take your sage or your sage incense and move to the front door of your home (or imagine this), stand on the doorstep with your front door shut.

Leave your sage at the front door and step into your home. Imagine you are seeing your home for the very first time and using your dominant hand (your five fingers representing the five elements of air, earth, fire, space, and water) you’re going to dip your fingers gently into the salty water and go about lightly sprinkling the positive energy that you poured into the water and sprinkle it gently using drops from your fingers around your home in every room, in every corner of each room. Sprinkling the positivity that you filled the solution with at the beginning.

Using the power within you to truly believe that you are cleansing your home of the old and allowing this new salty solution to clear, purify, to bring in positivity into every room of your home. If you are doing this as a visualisation, move from room to room in your home and imagine sprinkling the water solution into every corner.

Now that you have done your cleansing ritual, place the salty water in the centre of your home overnight and tip it outside 24 hours later. The salty solution using its positive ions will pull in any remaining negativity energetically from your home. Then go to your front door and light your sage or sage incense and watch it catch flame (if you are visualising this ritual then imagine holding it in your hands and lighting it). Then blow the flame out and watch the embers burn, setting an intention.

Sage has been a part of a healing and wisdom ritual for thousands of years, and it’s time that you bring the wisdom of your soul into your home. Set the intention before stepping into your home with this sacred smoke, of being able to bring your wisdom to showcase all of your talents, whatever that means, for contentment and satisfaction, attracting all the good, all your wishes coming true into your home and knowing that you deserve everything that you’re working to plant during spring-time to reap the benefits in summer. The smoke of the sage is carrying all of this energy now, as you walk around room by room, allowing the sacred smoke to bring in this soul wisdom.

When you are done with your sage part of your ritual, leave it to end its burning somewhere safe and open all of your windows and doors to allow cleansing, fresh air to flow through your front door and windows and out through the back, and if you’re imaging this, feel the cleansing breeze of this new spring cycle move through your home.

For more meditations, rituals and exercises, search soul33 on your app stores and download Gaia’s app The Beacon by Soul33. Website: www.soul33.com | Facebook: @soulthirtythree | Instagram: @soulthirtythree

Gaia is an internationally known healer, medium, and spiritual coach. She founded Soul33, a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy® when she had an awakening at the age of 33. Gaia has a Masters in Management Studies, is a Reiki Master, and has a qualification from Omega Institute New York in Past Life Regression Therapy. She has created a spiritual guidance app (search Soul33 on your app store) and is the founder of Spiritual Health Magazine to help others understand their journey.