Step up your winter hair care routine with LUSH

Lush haircare

LUSH have a range of products to meet your hair needs this winter. Images supplied.

With the arrival of the cold weather the air gets dryer which means our hair is more prone to potential damage. Choosing products that are nourishing is key especially if you need to bring damaged hair back to life. Stocking up on what your hair needs whether that’s quality shampoos or hair masks will help you step up your hair care routine this winter. LUSH have some top tips from their hair experts to keep your hair in top shape and a guide to which products can help you achieve great results.

Let your hair down

A major key to ensuring minimal damage to your hair this winter, is restraining from the use of heat. From straighteners, to hair dryers, any heat on your hair can be damaging. For better hair health, try letting your hair air dry this winter, an easy way to avoid unnecessary heat. Worried about frizz and flyaways? Enter REVIVE, a curl-defining moisture boost that makes hair maintenance more manageable. It’s a beautiful blend of avocado butter, olive, jojoba and coconut oils which you gently massage into damp hair and let time do the rest.

Scalps need love too

We often forget that great hair starts at the roots. In times when our hair and scalp starts to dry, turn to a scalp nourishing shampoo such as the Wasabi Shan Kui shampoo. A bold blend of stimulating herbs, horseradish and wasabi exfoliates and invigorates the scalp leaving you with healthy hair, and a happy scalp.

Wash less regularly

The longer you leave in between washes, the better. In winter with conditions doing a number on our locks, excess build up of natural oils gives hair better protection. When the once a week wash rolls around, go big with LUSH’s BIG shampoo that has sea salt for high volume hair.

Great hair with one condition

As the weather starts to cool down, we know our hair becomes more vulnerable to damage as the dry air strips it of its moisture. Add American Cream to the roster and you’ll have the winter hair of your dreams. Sweet strawberry and cream scent flirts with fresh fruits, honey and lavender oil to make soft, shiny and easy to manage LUSH locks.

Colour your hair the healthy way

During winter is when we can feel the most damage from synthetic hair dyes. With the new Reformulated Henna range you can achieve a natural-looking colour without the damage. Henna coats the cuticle in a protective, translucent layer that boosts volume and gives the shiniest results imaginable. Henna is both a treatment for the hair as well as a natural colourant!

You can find LUSH’s effective range of natural hair products in LUSH stores and online.

Lush haircare

Lush haircare

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