The best scents to inspire romance this Valentine’s Day

If you’re looking for a gift that they’ll remember forever, these are the best fragrances to gift (or keep for yourself)

This Valentine’s day we’ve carefully curated a selection of scents perfect for v-day gifting. Set the tone with these flirty fragrances from brands such as Aēsop, The Virtue, Diptyque and more.

MECCA Scents That Say I Love You

For your v-day gifting inspiration, here’s a selection MECCA’s favourite fragrance gifts for all stages of a relationship, from budget-friendly to splurge-worthy; these are your fail-proof fallbacks. Nothing sets love in the air more than a spritz of your favourite romantic scent. With the power to transport you to a moment in time you never want to forget, mark the occasion of Valentine’s Day with the memorable gift of a perfume they’ll cherish.

If the idea of selecting your loved one’s perfect scent seems too personal of a moment, give the gift of choice and book a fully redeemable MECCA Fragrance Consultation

No gift more is more synonymous with Valentine’s Day than a bouquet of roses. Give them the gift of a bouquet that will last more than a week:


This ode to the queen of flowers – the rose – is refreshing, romantic and revelatory. It celebrates the multiple aromas of the rose, from bud to stem to green leaves. Its rosy delicateness is teamed with fruity accents and green notes.

D.S. & DURGA Rose Atlantic EDP

Transport yourself to picturesque summer’s afternoon aboard a sailboat along the Atlantic coast with this fresh, timeless rose scent with hints of citrus and salt water.

It’s a splurge-worthy occasion, show them you care:

Le Labo Rose 31

Blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity, this unique scent takes the typically soft, delicate Grasse rose and adds a unique, virile edge through the addition of assertively present woody notes.

Vilhelm Parfumerie Dear Polly Eau De Parfum

Turn your morning beauty ritual into a seductive act with a spritz of Dear Polly. Notes of bergamot and apple give way to perfectly brewed ceylon black tea that instantly warms the skin while sensuous musk simmers below. Dip into this scent when you’re in need of a pick-me-up first thing in the morning.


Set the tone. If you’re celebrating your first Valentine’s Day together, give the gift of a scent they’ll remember forever:

DedCool Fragrance 01 “Taunt”

For when you want to evoke an aura of confidence or throw caution to the wind, this scent intensifies your own uniqueness. Warm and spicy amber and vanilla mingling with a splash of focus-pulling bergamot. It’s a mood.


Inspired by a magical date on a late Summer evening overlooking the magnificent vineyards of Provence in the golden hour light. It captures the sparkling and addictive fruitiness of ripe grapes soaked in warm sunshine and the delicate yet decisive character of wild roses. This perfume sets the senses on high with memories that are unique and profound -dating and falling in love in Provence while sharing a delicious bottle of wine. Sparkling notes of rose and a rich, intense and textured heart of blackcurrant convey the excitement of the perfect date, while patchouli gives the fragrance a sensual and magnetic woody signature.


When Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to update his signature scent:

BYREDO Night Veils Vanille Antique EDP 

Mirroring the morning ceremony of applying scent, Night Veils are designed for the ritual of the night, like flowers that release their headiest scent at twilight. Vanille Antique is centered around perfumery’s rarest raw ingredient. Here, the smoky scent of vanilla bean becomes charged with history and character; transforming into something unexpected, less syrupy, and more nuanced. The expected sweetness of vanilla is cut through by textures of earthiness and darkness, a warming mix of cashmere wood, ciste and musk.

Comme des Garçons Wonderwood EDP

Bewildering in its conception, spectacular in its evolution. Mysterious yet perturbing in its application, luxurious but uplifting in its effect. A world overflowing with wonderful woods. A positive overdose of woods, woody notes and synthetic wood constructions.


The Virtue‘s NEW Parfum travel sprays

The Virtue have repackaged their travel size parfums, which are now in a super sleek, chic new 15ml glass spray bottle, making them the ultimate travel or handbag companion. Available in six fragrances and retailing for $79 each, these mini bottles of aromatic heaven are the perfect gift for him or her this valentines day.

Our favs (and the ones definitely on our V-day wishlist) include Castro and Holy Smoke. With top notes of Cuban Tobacco, Smoked Wood and Violet, Castro is the ultimate sensual and mysterious scent. Holy smoke is “for all the saints and sinners out there”. This is a fragrant kind of worship with a strong blast of frankincense and cinnamon that will send you straight to the confession booth.  

The Virtue’s new parfum travel sprays are available in store and online now 

A fragrance that plays a game. A game of seduction. A Gaultier game!

Welcome to the scandal of infinite sex appeal, that of SCANDAL Les Parfums. Indulge yourself and your partner in these insatiable and scandalous scents from Jean Paul Gaultier. One for them and one for you, sounds like a match made in power couple heaven. 


SCANDALLeParfum: By Daphné Bukey, AneAyo, and Fabrice Pellerin. A neurotic mille feuille which starts with the tantalising sparkle of mandarin, moving on to the stubbornness of jasmine and culminating salted caramel scents. In a word, addictive.

SCANDALPourHommeLeParfum: By Quentin Bisch, Nathalie Gracia-Cetto, and Christophe Reynaud. Mandarin is struck by a geranium uppercut, brown caramel leaves you drooling while Tonka bean nurtures an irresistible infatuation. A Narcotic.


SCANDAL Le Parfum: multifaceted and dressed in a red lacquer, it almost looks like it is vibrating ,moving, curved in just the right places, like a dome of desire. Its cap is a pair of legs in the air, the legs of a diva revelling in sensual addiction.

SCANDAL Pour Homme Le Parfum: well-built, broad and dark as a night full of promise. Its cap claims victory, it’s a crown for the only sovereign thing in the world: desire.

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A fragrance of tender intensity

Aesop’s fourth fragrance, Rōzu Eau de Parfum, was created in partnership with long-term collaborator Barnabé Fillion, who also worked with the company on Marrakech Intense and Hwyl, and a collection of Aromatique Room Sprays. Inspired by the life, work and enthusiasms of the prominent French modernist designer Charlotte Perriand, and the Japanese rose that bears her name, it is an intense yet tender fragrance—nuanced and expansive, with remarkable longevity—intended to appeal to all genders.

Rōzu Eau de Parfum opens with rich floral notes of Rose, alongside Petitgrain, Bergamot and vibrant Shiso—a reference to Perriand’s lifelong affection for Japan—and PinkPepper, which confers fresh spiciness. The heart brings yet headier florals: Ylang Ylang is interwoven with dry, spicy woodiness; while Jasmine empowers the Rose, supported by light, smoky notes of Guaiac wood. Sandalwood hints at the deeper, powdery base notes, marrying the soft, woody green earth of Vetiver Extract with warm, sweet herbal notes of Patchouli and ambery, balsamic Myrrh.The whole is subtly underpinned by Musk

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Good Girl Blush by Carolina Herrera is a fragrance displayer’s dream

Carolina Herrera continues a blooming exploration of contemporary womanhood with the release of Good Girl Blush Eau de Parfum, a daring explosion of contrasts that forms a uniquely powdery expression of floral femininity. 

For this new edition, perfumer Quentin Bisch worked with his colleagues Shyamala Maisondieu and Christophe Raynaud, finding instant visual inspiration in the iconic Good Girl stiletto bottle itself, which is interpreted in pastel pink with a dynamic gold heel: “It instantly brought to mind the Vanilla bean. The heel is the strength of the shoe, and I imagined the Vanilla as the strength of the fragrance.”

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