This “Botox in a bottle” has been four years in the making (and is saving us a trip to the dermatologist)

Emma Lewisham has done it again. The latest Supernatural Vitale Elixir is a facial muscle relaxant that has been scientifically proven to reduce muscle contractions responsible for wrinkles by 91% after 24 hours. Simply, it’s nature’s Botox, bottled.

The formulation was developed to meet the needs of customers who had reached out seeking a product capable of effectively targeting wrinkles while offering a more natural alternative to Botox. A desire for noticeable yet natural-looking results that would facilitate aging naturally was expressed by customers. 

The Supernatural Vitale Elixir incorporates 11 advanced natural actives, each influencing multiple cellular pathways of the skin. Its superior efficacy stems not solely from individual ingredients, but from their intelligent and precisely balanced combination, enabling them to synergistically engage multiple skin pathways.

A key component of this innovative formulation is a proprietary Neuropeptide Relaxant complex, which inhibits neural activity responsible for muscle contraction, thereby easing skin creases and significantly diminishing fine lines and wrinkles.

It also yields an instant filling effect, with visible results within five to seven days of morning and night application. Continued use over three months further reduces the appearance and depth of wrinkles by minimizing muscle movements, enhancing fibroblast stimulation, and decreasing collagen breakdown, fortifying the skin’s underlying structural matrix.

Directly after cleansing, apply the Elixir generously to the face. Preventative action is most effective when the Elixir is applied to the full face. Use in the morning and night for optimal results. This Elixir will not affect other cosmetic enhancements like injectables, rather, it will complement them for enhanced results.

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