This former MAFS contestant is changing the way we apply serum

LuxeSticks are revolutionising skincare once again with the launch of their new Serum Sticks. Get ready to reinvent your beauty routine with these uniquely designed serums that come in a compact stickball formula, for a mess and waste-free glide, glow and go.

After LuxSticks founder Samuel Levi’s 2018 stint at MAFS, he continued to grow his platform and can proudly say he managed to forge a career with longevity in the notoriously fickle influencer industry.

LuxeSticks is widely known for their roll-on clay masks that users quickly fell in love with. Sticking to their brand’s trademark they have formulated super potent Serum Sticks, designed specifically for sensitive skin. Perfect for users who are starting their skincare journey or just after something innovative that controls the perfect amount of skincare with every application.

“When creating LuxeSticks I wanted to find a gap in the market and after perfect face mask applications were going viral on TikTok, I realised mess, stress and waste-free skincare is much needed. I hate mess when it comes to anything beauty-related…call me OCD but I wanted to invent something that was accessible, affordable and clean as well as being safe for sensitive skin like my own.” Says LuxeSticks founder Samuel Levi.

The brand launches three products in the LuxeSticks Serum Stick range offering something for every concern. Each tool is feather light on the skin in a balm-to-liquid formula that absorbs quickly and is packaged in an easy-to-use twist-and-roll design that allows users to get every last bit of the product.

The three new serum sticks include The Vitamin C Serum Stick which contains a combination of dual Vitamin C (20%) and Vitamin A, which work in conjunction to target pigmentation and dullness, resulting in a brighter complexion. This powerful product is packed with antioxidants, essential nutrients, and fruit enzymes to help firm, clear, and improve the appearance of fine lines while also improving texture with every use.

The highly active Retinol Serum Stick is specifically formulated to promote skin renewal and target natural signs of ageing. Hyaluronic acid and vitamin E work alongside Retinol (0.5%) to deliver exceptional results.This must-have product also works to prevent breakouts, exfoliate, unclog pores, promote collagen production and help uneven skin texture and tone.

And the Hyaluronic Acid Serum Stick replenishes and deeply moisturises the skin.Incorporated with a strong 5% plant-based hyaluronic acid, it improves overall skin health and reduces the formation of wrinkles along the way. Watch as users skin will plump before their eyes when used in the morning and night. This fast-absorbing tool also works to stimulate cell regeneration and replenish.

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