Trish Peng releases luxurious jewellery collaboration with The Diamond Shop

Trish Peng x The Diamond Shop

Trish Peng and The Diamond Shop have collaborated on a beautiful range of rings. Images supplied.

Leading bridal designer Trish Peng recently released a luxurious collaboration with fine jeweller The Diamond Shop. The collection is a perfect fit for the popular bridal brand comprising of stunning engagement rings, wedding bands, and a signet ring. The designs are suitably elegant and timeless, which makes them a beautiful option for any bride. Trish’s extensive knowledge designing bridal wear was the perfect starting place to develop a range that is complemented by The Diamond Shop’s expert experience with diamonds and fine jewellery.

We caught up with Trish Peng to find out more about how the collection came about, what the inspiration is for it and what her favourite pieces are from the collaboration?

How did this collaboration with The Diamond Shop come about and what it was like to work on?

Sera from the Diamond Shop approached me to design a collab range of rings, and I instantly thought this was a match made in heaven! Both brands have a similar design aesthetic and clientele. It has been two years in the making: so much fun designing, a similar process to designing dresses – From sketch to reality.

What is the inspiration behind the collection?

We decided to start the collection with engagement rings, wedding bands, and classic everyday rings. I mostly wear gold, which inspired the range to be designed with 18k gold and a classic solitaire diamond in all the classic shapes. The bands aren’t limited to wedding bands as they can be worn daily as a stacker ring. From now, we will build the range into other jewellery pieces.

Trish Peng x The Diamond Shop

Rings from Trish Peng and The Diamond Shop’s jewellery collaboration.

What are your favourite pieces from the collection and why?

A favourite piece would be the signet ring as it swivels so you can engrave something personal on both sides. Another favourite would be the Radiant engagement ring… the ring I have my eye on.

How would you describe your personal style, and how does it influence your designs?

My personal style and design aesthetic has always been elegant, classic and beautiful, so it works well designing something I personally love and would wear, whether it was jewellery or dresses.

What are your top tips for choosing wedding/bridal jewellery?

For choosing the dress, engagement ring and bridal jewellery on the day, I would always recommend choosing something timeless, as your engagement ring should last a lifetime, and you want to look back at your wedding photos in the future and still love what you wore.

Trish Peng x The Diamond Shop

Trish Peng x The Diamond Shop

Images supplied.