Try these nourishing products to keep your skin hydrated

As glorious as summer is, it is notorious for wreaking havoc on your skin. The heat and humidity can dry you out, not to mention, burn your skin. Although a sun-kissed glow is much to be desired during summer – dry, dehydrated and flaky skin is not. So, as always – we have you covered by listing our top product picks for keeping your skin hydrated this summer. And while we have you here, this is your reminder to wear an SPF – every single day.

December beauty products to try

Tronque – Rich as Croesus Firming Body Butter $130

This luxurious product from new natural body care brand Tronque is designed to give your body intensive hydration with long-lasting moisture. The rich, thick and velvety texture of the product is fitting for its name “Rice as Croesus” – with the phrase being translated to “filthy rich,” in modern English. This body butter is enriched with vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes, bioactive Wakame seaweed from the Marlborough Sound supports skin strengthening. While a hydrating complex of Mamaku extract, Vitamin B3 niacinamide, olive squalane, hyaluronic acid and ceramides renews elasticity and deeply revitalises dry damaged areas. Skin looks strong and illuminated with whipped anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial high MGO Mānuka honey. A premium blend of rosehip, pomegranate seed, sunflower and vanilla oils feed, nourish and calm.

Hydrating products for Summer

Emma Lewisham Holiday Illuminating Body and Face Oil RRP: $92

The stunning oil-based product by Emma Lewisham contains a formula that harnesses a proprietary complex of organic (70.45%) and innovative botanical ingredients to nourish and hydrate the skin’s surface for the most radiant holiday glow. The botanical Phytolipid complex is a non-comedogenic lipid formula, carefully comprised of Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil and Olive Oil. The innovative complex is designed to deliver a healthy skin surface lipid profile. Phytolipids are naturally occurring plant-based oils that can help maintain a healthy skin barrier against free radicals caused by environmental stressors such as UV damage and pollution. An independent in-vitro test showed the Face and Body Oil delivers antioxidant protection over eight hours at a skin cellular level and it gives you a stunning summery shimmer to your skin.

Hydrating products for Summer

Boost Lab Glow AHA Glow Resurfacing Serum RRP: $34.95

It is important to keep your skin exfoliated so the products you use to hydrate your skin are easily absorbed. Physical exfoliation can be harsh on the skin, whereas a chemical exfoliant, such as an AHA serum that actively removes dead skin cells without the risk of micro-tearing can be a better option. This dynamic exfoliator supports the natural cycle of skin-cell turnover while ensuring a smooth, bright and revitalised complexion. Infused with Aloe Vera, Manuka Honey & Bisabolol to soothe and smooth, this product also contains arginine to reduce inflammation and refine skin texture for a brighter, even complexion, while Amphoteric Hydroxy Complexe (AHC) gently exfoliates without irritation.

Hydrating products for Summer

Avène Thermal Spring Water Spray 300ml RRP: $21.59

Avène is a skincare brand that began in a small village in the south of France. The secret to Avène is the thermal spring located within the Regional Park. All the way back in 1736 people discovered the healing and soothing properties of this spring water after a horse suffering from stubborn pruritus was cured after only a few swims in the spring, the spring water was then used by America to help treat burn victims of the Great Chicago Fire. Fast forward to today and there is a Hydrotherapy centre in this small French town that utilised the healing properties of this spring water. The water has been bottled into a handy spray can for consumers to experience the benefits for themselves. This spring water is amazing for sunburn, rashes, bites, inflammation or just plain hydration – carry it around in your bag all summer for a quick fix.

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