What to wear to a wedding

Being invited to a wedding is such a special affair; to be able to witness the start of an exciting new chapter for a couple close to you. While all eyes will be on the bride and groom who will without a doubt be #bestdressed, you could still vie for the title of #bestdressedguest. First things first, if there is a stated dress code on the invitation – adhere to it, whether it happens to be white tie, black tie, cocktail, loungewear, or casual, do some research – Google is a great source for demystifying the different dress codes and what they entail. You could also approach the bride or groom out of courtesy (choose when you do so wisely!) and ask them how they envision their guests to be dressed. If a dress code hasn’t been set out, then take into account the location of the nuptials and embrace the opportunity to dress to the surroundings.


TK Berlin Dress Knee Length $435 (left) and Celine Rita Pieta Dress $300 (right)

If it is a church wedding that is taking place, a sleek tailored dress may fit the bill best, this striking little black dress by TK is great as it has been constructed in such a way that it can be worn in a multitude of styles. This mint green dress by Celine Rita is a darling number, with pockets in the side seams of the skirt for all of your essentials. As it is a more formal affair, accessorising with a headpiece would top off your look perfectly.


Moochi Lure Dress $319.99

For a wedding held at a hip restaurant, or an industrial space in the bustling inner city, you may choose to opt for rich colours such as jewel tones or chic metallics – such as this sophisticated silver pleated dress from Moochi.


Kate Sylvester Ester V Neck Dress $679 (left) and Glassons Bardot Swing Dress $49.99 (right).

For a wedding outdoors say at a garden, vineyard or a beach, block heels would be most practical as to avoid sinking into the grass/sand! There is something about being outdoors that invites a feminine touch to styling, and these two dresses would look wonderful at a wedding, on the left is Kate Sylvester’s standout lace dress from her summer collection, and on the right a sweet vibrant number from Glassons.


Liam Riviera Maxi Dress $299 (left) and Miss Crabb Berlin Dress $590 (right).

If the dress code is black tie, this generally indicates an elegant evening soiree and gowns should be floor length. Look for designs in silks such as chiffons or crepes, natural fabrics tend to drape beautifully and breathe against your skin the best. Black tie doesn’t necessarily mean black so have fun with some gorgeous colours such as this blush number from Liam, or this bronze gown by Miss Crabb.


Storm Shibuya Print Dress $129

If the dress code calls for cocktail, then a dress to the knee is suitable, there is a huge variety of cocktail length dresses out this season and this lovely printed number from Storm fits the bill perfectly. With a shorter dress, there is also the opportunity to showcase a fabulous pair of heels.


Karen Walker Daisy Flower Dress $178.26 (left) and Juliette Hogan Lennon Cami $279 with an Emmaline Split Skirt in Sandstorm Silk $689 (right).

A casual dress code may seem simple, but it is still a good idea to make an effort in choosing your ensemble. There is an effortless ease in this breezy sundress by Karen Walker, or you could opt for a chic top and skirt combination such as this outfit by Juliette Hogan – there’s great versatility in pairing separates together as you can integrate the items into your wardrobe long after the occasion.

Revel in the process of getting ready with a bottle of champagne; after all you are in for a fabulous day ahead joining in on the celebration of love!