Your Monday Morning Beauty Briefing

HIGH IMPORTANCE. As of late beauty brands everywhere are pumping out refillable packaging designs in order to achieve a more sustainable product life cycle (and save us a few coins along the way).

Here are a few of our fav brands doing the most when it comes to sustainability. Whether you’re a beauty refill novice or confidant connoisseur, read about the products staying in our eco friendly rotation.

Its hard not to re-purchase any Emma Lewisham products, thats why the refills are a loyalists saving grace.

The refillable Emma Lewisham skincare range is designed to reduce carbon emissions by up to 74%. Buy a jar or a bottle once and refill it again and again! There are two types of refill options – pods and pouches. Most of the products have been designed with a refillable pod so that when empty, you simply pop out the empty pod, replace it with a new refill pod and send the empty one back to Emma Lewisham to be sterilised and refilled via the Emma Lewisham Beauty Circle. If you are a Beauty Circle Rewards loyalty member you will earn 50 points for every pod or pouch returned, earn 1000 points and receive a complimentary refill with your next purchase.  

The other products are refillable using refill pouches. When your product is empty, you simply order a refill pouch, pour the contents into your empty vessel and then send the empty pouch back to them for recycling. The team over at Emma Lewisham are also actively exploring viable options for pouches that can be refilled.

Check out the Emma Lewisham refills and recycling services online and in selected stockists now

RAAIE has just announced their Cocoon Ceramide Cream has a pod refill *and the crowd goes wild*

Once a nice but niche ideal it seems refillable beauty is permeating the mainstream. Since the beginning RAAIE has offered refills. The cult sculptural vessels can be collected for free and then refilled in their lab. Now the Cocoon Ceramide Cream has a pod refill – making the step faster for the consumer. Refillable skincare is a win-win as not only is it better for the environment and can reduce your carbon emissions by 70% (and it’s also cheaper). This much loved formula just got better, not only does it strengthen the skin barrier (our body’s natural way of locking moisture in), but the packaging alone is a work of art (perfect for your next bathroom shelfie). 

Check out the new Cocoon Ceramide Cream refill online and in selected stockists now

Feel effortlessly sustainable with the Ashley & Co. Topups

Be ready for any occasion and be sure your Ashley & Co. products never run dry. Simply select Topup on their website or from their selected stockists, and you can easily refill the durable 500ml bottles from the 1000ml Topup pouches. Join the movement and sign up to their refill subscription service. Make your life easier when it comes to refilling your favs. Economical, reliable and flexible, this service delivers Topups including Washup, Sootherup, Home Perfume, Kitchen, Pet as well as our 500ml Haircare products. And each delivery comes at a 10% discount! No more having to deal with the dreaded last pump of Washup! Or empty bottles waiting to be refilled! The Ashley & Co. Subscription Service takes the hassle out of re-ordering, ensuring you have access to just what you need, when you need it.

Check out the Ashley & Co. refills and subscription service online and in selected stockists now

Live life the sustainable OUAI

Lux haircare brand OUAI now offers refill pouches, perfect for those caught using up their shampoo much faster than their conditioner (a universal experience I’m sure). Available in NZ from Sephora, this sustainable alternative is not only kind on our hair but in turn the environment. Keep it on deck 24/7 with this Refill Pouch, made with 60% less plastic than bottles. Because climate change (and a solid haircare routine) is real.

Check out the OUAI refills available from Sephora in store and online now 

Dermalogica is doing their part, now its easier than ever to do ours

Everyones fail-proof skincare brand Dermalogica is joining the sustainability craze with their select range of refillable fan favs. Much like a lot of the brands mentioned, Dermalogica has dedicated loyalists who run to re-purchase their go-to products over and over again. Now they’re making it super simple to do so but in a more eco-friendly way.

Check out all the refills Dermalogica has to offer online and at selected retailers now

No need to hack at your Replica bottles anymore thanks to these ‘bang for your buck’ refills 

A refill set that allows you to saviour your Replica Lazy Sunday Morning EDT for a little longer, filling your 30ml bottle three times over! Not once, twice but THRICE! This refill kit will leave you feeling like a boutique perfumer in just 4 easy steps, so why not do your future self a favour and pick up a kit in store or online now.