12 of our best winter beauty buys

See ya later June, but we’re keeping these new beauty products on our must-have list.

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Stuf Skin Starter Kits, priced from $52

The ultimate (skin) smoothie concoction, this Australian-made skincare range is packed full of natural, active, cold-pressed ingredients. It’s pure skin goodness, free of artificial nasties, and all products are both vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. Adding to those credentials is the fact that this truly uncomplicated skin care delivers on its promises. Choose from formulations specifically designed for acne, redness, or dry skin. We recommend testing a starter kit to fan the flames of desire.


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Glow Lab Bath Salts, $14

Create a new bedtime/self-care routine with the new Premium Bath Range from Glow Lab. Sink into the embrace of the soothing magnesium and lavender Sleep Bath Blend and soak away tension and stress. If your winter skin needs a hydration boost, opt for the Hydrate Bath Blend (with aloe vera and coconut). Made right here in New Zealand from the highest quality ingredients, the natural fragrance blends contain mood-enhancing essential oils. Happy sleepy bathtimes ahoy.


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Tuel Rescue Mini Kit Trio, $65

Professional beauty brand Tuel just bought its mini-A game and we’re here for it. This mini trio kit is the perfect travel/office/gym companion, packed with a powerhouse of products to help deliver your best skin. Choose from anti-ageing, acne-fighting, skin calming, skin balancing, and moisture-enriching options, and enjoy the opportunity for skin care on the go or to try the magic of Tuel in a smaller size before opting for the full-size delights.


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Rose Hermès Blush, $135

Freshly launched this week, this trio of delicate shades epitomise the subtlety of Hermès in every nuance; from the silky formulation to the blush fragrance (specially created by Hermès perfumer Christine Nagel) and distinctive packaging (the new eco-box is made of thermoformed plant fibres). Embrace the shimmering delights of Rose Doré (coral pink), Rose Ambré (beige pink), and Rose Cuivré (crimson pink).


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The Facialist Super Skin, $69

Crafted with an exquisite blend of natural ingredients, the newest release by The Facialist is Super Skin. The beautifully soothing and balancing cleansing oil is designed to eliminate impurities and deeply cleanse skin, while preserving natural oils and moisture. Carefully created for all skin types but especially lovely for dry, dehydrated winter skin.


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Kiehl’s Ultra Pure High-Potency Serums, $48

A trio of innovative new serums from global science-led skincare brand Kiehl’s, designed to deliver targeted skincare solutions while helping achieve optimal skin health. Choose from Ultra Pure High-Potency 5.0% Niacinamide, Ultra Pure High-Potency Serum 9.8% Glycolic Acid, and Ultra Pure High-Potency Serum 1.5% Hyaluronic Acid. Each serum contains 10 ingredients or less, with one efficacious ingredient as part of this targeted minimalist formula.


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Formation Skincare Niacinamide Serum, $25

Proudly made in New Zealand, the most recent addition to the Formation collection is this powerhouse Niacinamide Serum. The 10% niacinamide and 1% zinc duo combine for a double impact around helping improve skin texture and tone, helping the journey to brighter, smoother, and more radiant skin. This lightweight and fast-absorbing Niacinamide Serum formula effortlessly integrates into any skincare routine, offering a refreshing boost of hydration and nourishment.


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Frula Skin Brightening Vitamin C Serum, $25

Skin tone is the holy grail of dewy skin, with or without makeup. This Frula offering boasts three forms of Vitamin C in a lightweight and fast-absorbing serum. Designed to help hydrate and nourish skin, as well as brighten and even skin tone, the added bonus is glowy skin with a fresh hint of tropical fruit bowl scent.


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essano Needle-Free Serum, $34.99

If you’re needle averse (like me), you’ll definitely want to give a round of applause to the new Needle-Free Filler Serum from essano. The multilayer serum is designed to smooth and nourish, plus leave skin hydrated, supple, and rejuvenated. That’s a lot to promise, so to help deliver on that, are heavy-hitting peptides (the advanced serum is a 100% natural replacement for injectables). Enjoy the skin lift without the needle trauma.


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Diptyque Roses Candle, $112

Forget about rapidly wilting flowers and fill your home (or office) with the light scent of tender roses, with this romantic and floral candle releasing a medley fragrance of blooming roses. Celebrating 60 years of success, Diptyque has clearly mastered the art of fragrance and olfactory satisfaction. Welcome to the cult of Diptyque.


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Mamaku Skin Advanced Hydra Gel, $49.99

Combining their upbringing of using rongoā (traditional Māori medicine) for any ailments, plants, trees, and soils were the medicine cabinet of sisters Tessa, Adele, and Karen. Now the trio have bought the medicinal effects of Mamaku and other native plants into a modern context with Mamaku Skincare. Mamaku Advanced Hydra Gel is a powerful and rapid hydrator to help boost skin hydration whilst also helping reduce any skin irritations. It works a treat on dry itchy skin.


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The Body Shop Vitamin E Moisture Sleeping Mask, $38

We’re long-time fans of overnight workers, and this Vitamin E sleeping mask works its hydrating magic while you snooze. Enriched with natural-origin ingredients including Vitamin E, it also contains raspberry seed oil (using leftover raspberries from the juice industry).

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