Ashleigh Scott from The Facialist on the benefits of double cleansing

Ashleigh Scott The Facialist

Ashleigh Scott, founder of The Facialist. Image supplied.

Renowned holistic facialist, Ashleigh Scott, founded her business The Facialist in 2014 to encompass her extensive experience in the international skincare industry with an innate understanding of wellness and healing. The inner-city space is a relaxing sanctuary where Ashleigh and her team deliver lustrous skin, restorative experiences, and targeted results.

Ashleigh has a firm belief in the power of nature and its raw potential to provide inner healing and outer beauty. The products and treatments used at The Facialist marry the healing powers of nature and innovative skincare science with intensive relaxation techniques to renew the skin from the inside out. Among the services on offer are the brand’s bespoke facials which are carefully curated and customised for each client to work with and for your skin. They’re targeted to drive results and leave you with a healthy, luminous radiance – one that is a reflection of your body’s desired harmony and balance.

As you would expect with her wealth of experience, Ashleigh is a skin expert and she is across the best treatments and products for every skin type, so when we spotted Ashleigh talking about double cleansing on the The Facialist’s popular Instagram account we were curious to know more. She’s answered some questions about double cleansing as it’s a very useful addition to your evening beauty routine.

What is double cleansing?

Using two cleansers, firstly an oil based cleanser to break down makeup, dirt, oil and pollution. And secondly a water based cleanser to cleanse the skin and target any specific skin concerns.

What are the benefits of double cleansing?

The first cleanse ensures all makeup, dirt, oil etc. is thoroughly removed from the skin, so your second cleanse can actually cleanse the skin. You will get better penetration of products the second time.

Why is it important to double cleanse according to your skin type?

Cleansing is the backbone of your skincare regime so choosing the right cleanser for your skin is super important.

What are your best tips for double cleansing?

Always use a muslin cloth to remove your cleanser. Don’t cleanse in the morning. Thorough double cleansing in the evening is more than enough. It’s unnecessary to cleanse again. Water is enough to rinse off perspiration. Each time you cleanse the skin you disrupt the acid mantle – so you don’t want to do this unnecessarily. Don’t cleanse in the shower. You won’t get a deep enough cleanse. The cleanser needs to be applied to dry skin with a warm damp flannel to remove.

What are your favourite cleansers for double cleansing?

First cleanse: Josh Rosebrook Essential Balm Cleanse or Tata Harper Oil Cleanser.

Second cleanse: MV Gentle Cream Cleanser or Tata Harper Purifying Cleanser.

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