Introducing KAIZ: Medispa and inner city sanctuary

Kaiz medispa

KAIZ Wellness & Medispa offers an eye revive treatment. Image supplied.

KAIZ Wellness & Medispa is a unique medical spa that values the beauty in being grounded. Having just opened its doors in December 2020, KAIZ has a mission to provide a sanctuary for women dedicated to all forms of self-care and rejuvenation. Combining LA glam with a wellness retreat, KAIZ offers the entire package for the modern-day woman, to leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

While there is a great range of aesthetic clinics here in Auckland, many feel like taking a trip to the doctor, with clinical settings that focus on physical procedures. However, the unique experience of KAIZ’s Medispa allows you to enjoy the experience of professional treatments while relaxing in a welcoming environment.

Specially trained, licensed professionals provide all treatments, so you can relax and feel confident in the results. KAIZ is committed to delivering the skin of your dreams, with treatments ranging from chemical peels to microneedling and botox, as well as the world-renowned ‘Non-Surgical Facelift,’ using a tool that emits an electrical current to instantly de-puff, lift, and tighten your skin.

This exclusive new Medispa provides the answers to a wide range of other wellness queries. One of the popular treatments is Mesoestetic Cosmelen which is a highly effective depigmentation treatment on offer for those with dark spots on their skin.

KAIZ is based on the ideas of transformation and goodness and is inspired by the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen. A visit to KAIZ allows for internal stillness and balance while the team of friendly professionals takes care of the external.

Kaiz medispa

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