Attn millennials: It’s cool to show your socks now. Here are 16 pairs for different occasions

From party socks to bed socks, we’ve got your feet (and ankles) covered.

In case you missed it, socks are the micro-trend of the moment. How do we know? Because we can actually see them!

There has been much debate on TikTok this year about socks, not just in terms of styling but over how different generations view the humble sock. For many years, millennials in general have worn socks as a way to make sure their feet don’t get sweaty in their shoes; a foot covering meant to be hidden away.

Gen Z on the other hand, views this seemingly banal accessory as a styling device, both practical and made to be seen.

The observation about age-related sock choice came from fitness podcaster Phoebe Parsons late last year, and it wasn’t an attack on millennials by any means, it was simply a musing from a millennial.


This is exactly how to tell the difference between a millennial and gen z just by looking at their feet #millennial #genz

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“This is exactly how you can tell the difference between a millennial and a Gen Z, just by looking at their feet,” she said in the now viral video.

“Are their socks up? Or are they wearing hidden ankle socks? Because Gen Z exclusively wear socks up and millennials still wear ankle socks.”

Where Gen Z is concerned, socks are meant to be seen. They’re opting for crew socks and tube socks; above-ankle numbers which fill the gap between the top of the shoe and the bottom of the pants. A pop of colour, a hint of texture. Skin is not in, thank you very much.


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The takeaway here is, if you want to instantly modernise your ensemble this season, all it takes is a conscious sock choice. We’re talking Princess Diana leaving the gym, Hailey Bieber and Emma Chamberlain in their loafers… and it’s not just Sydney Sweeney who can wear socks with heels, you can too.

It turns out, socks go with everything, as long as you can see them. So here’s a line-up of above-the-ankle foot warmers to suit every mood.

Sporty socks

Left to right: Remain Late Checkout Socks, $35 on sale, Adidas Originals Mid Cut Crew Socks 3 Pairs, $25, Glassons Novelty Ankle Sock, $7,  Style Runner Logo Socks, $11

Casual socks

Left to right: Max Chloe Frill Crew Socks, $10, Elle & Riley Cashmere Heart Socks, $99, Baserange Rib Over Ankle Socks, $45, Untouched World Rubbish Socks, $39

Cosy socks

Left to right: Karen Walker 100% Cashmere Rib Socks, $115, La Tribe Cashmere Bed Socks, $69, Penney + Bennett Sleep Socks, $79, General Sleep Bed Socks, $79

Party socks


Left to right: Remain Lyla Socks, $25, Le Bon Shoppe Her Socks Modal Lurex, $36, Zara Mesh Socks with Rhinestones, $17, Gorman Mesh Heart Socks, $20 on sale