BLUNT launches colourful collaboration with illustrator Liz Harry

Blunt x Liz Harry

BLUNT have released a vibrant collaboration with illustrator and graphic artist Liz Harry. Images supplied.

BLUNT have launched a joyful new collaboration this week which sees talented UK-based illustrator and graphic artist, Liz Harry’s signature colour pop design appear on BLUNT’s popular Metro umbrella. The detailed graphics feature playful icons that embody travel and tap into individual’s brave and carefree spirit, this design practically screams ‘adventure whatever the weather’.

“This design was conceptualised over lockdown during the first year of the pandemic when moments outdoors, and in my neighbourhood, had become more vital than ever,” says Liz Harry. “My inspiration for the design came from vintage travel posters and luggage labels. However, as our adventures had been very localised through the pandemic, I tried to imagine what a travel poster would look like if it were for a trip to the park down the road, or a muddy walk, what icons would be on there? Then I created it with my own illustrative spin and lots of colour.”

The base candy floss pink hue is a perfect foil for the rainbow of designs that adorn the BLUNT Metro with the fun colours and illustrations radiating positive energy. What better way to brighten up a grey and rainy winter day than to go on an adventure with this unique umbrella?

“If there’s a lesson that’s been embraced over our lockdown time it’s that we can’t wait for fair climates to get outside and connect with the replenishing energy of nature,” says Liz Harry. “We want to enjoy it all year round, visiting the blossoms in spring, picnics in the summer, muddy walks in the autumn and sledding in the winter.”

The BLUNT x Liz Harry Metro is available online now and in selected retail stores for RRP $139.

Blunt x Liz Harry

Blunt x Liz Harry

Images supplied.