Dyson’s first foray into fashion is here, and there’s a Devil Wears Prada connection

This isn’t any old blue…

Once again pulling the goods out of thin air, Dyson today releases the Dyson Zone™ Absolute+ limited edition noise-cancelling headphones, and they’re *probably* the sexiest fashion accessory we’ve seen all year.

According to a video demonstration we sat in on a couple of weeks ago, the Dyson team has around 600 engineers worldwide, all sitting there working out how to utilise the air around us in fancy, functional ways. You’re familiar with the vacuums, and the hair tools, and the air purifiers. Now make way for the best headphones you’ve ever seen.

We say ‘seen’, because we are a fashion publication, not a tech publication. We were not the ones on that call asking questions about “ear cup geometry” and “optimising the frequency curve”. We were the ones thinking about the Dyson Zone’s striking Prussian Blue accents and the matchy-matchy fashion moments they might inspire.

A fun fact about Prussian Blue: it was the first synthetic blue pigment to be invented since the ancient Egyptians invented Egyptian Blue – which became known by the Romans as ‘cerulean’, and we all know that quote off by heart. Fitting, then, that one of the greatest inventors of our time, James Dyson, would select it from every other blue in the world for his statement-making headphones – a fashion accessory in their own right.

No, this is not an ad for Dyson’s new noise-cancelling headphones. But we were gifted a pair. So we can say with authority that they’re a sound investment, and a perfect complement to these 30 Prussian Blue (or thereabouts) items.