Ethique debuts plastic-free lipstick range

Ethique lipstick

Ethique have launched the brand’s first foray into makeup with a debut lipstick range. Image supplied.

Sustainable beauty brand Ethique have launched their first foray into makeup with the release of the brand’s first lipstick range in Ethique’s signature plastic-free, home-compostable tubes. The brand are known globally for their best-selling range of natural beauty bars for hair, face and body and when Ethique launched their successful range of lip balms in 2021 they realised a great next step for the brand was lipsticks.

The initial seven-shade range also follows years of customer requests and have been formulated as pigmented, long wearing lipsticks to match Ethique’s reputation for high performing products. The seven classic lipstick shades range from rich reds, through to warm peaches and deep berry tones. Each lipstick features a unique blend of nutrient-rich ingredients and child labour-free pigments to offer vibrant colour and a smooth satin finish.

Ethique are known for their ethically sourced ingredients and these lipsticks are made using high quality, direct trade and regeneratively produced ingredients including plant-based waxes and castor oil, as well as organic moringa oil sourced directly from a farming cooperative in Rwanda. It is important to Ethique that their ingredients are carefully sourced and directly traded to ensure suppliers receive fair prices well above market, good working conditions, a source of income during the off-season and the support to thrive. The brand pride themselves on producing products to the highest environmental standards with every product certified vegan, palm oil-free, plastic-free and cruelty-free.

Since the beginning, Ethique have had a focus on reducing waste and unfortunately around the world, an estimated 800 – 900 million lipsticks, generally packaged in plastic, are sold each year and will eventually be disposed of in landfill. By producing a home-compostable lipstick range, combining bold colour with a big environmental benefit, Ethique want to tackle the waste and harm associated with cosmetics by offering a high-performance alternative.

Each of Ethique’s lipsticks is actually equivalent of two to three traditional lipsticks which offers value for money as well as waste reduction. Once the product is finished, the packaging can be added to a home compost bin or buried in the garden to break down, it will then release valuable nutrients into the soil. The packaging can also be recycled with paper and cardboard if there isn’t an option to compost or bury.

Ethique’s lipsticks range is made in Aotearoa and offers seven colours, including Mallow (soft blush pink), Honeysuckle (warm peach), Snapdragon (rosy mauve), Hibiscus (vibrant coral), Dahlia (terracotta brown), Poppy (ruby red) and Tulip (deep berry). Each lipstick costs RRP $29.90 and are available online now at ethiqueworld.com.