FNZ Creators Power List: Chloe Hill

Ko Chloe tōku ingoa, I’m a stylist and creator based in Pōneke, Wellington.

I started out my fashion career in Sydney, working for almost 10 years in magazines across a huge range of titles, from fashion and celebrity magazine InStyle, to culture and fashion mag Oyster. I then launched online publication Cool Pretty Cool in 2017, a youth focused platform that highlights fresh talent and fashion.

Since moving back home to Aotearoa in 2020 I’ve tried to strike a balance between my fashion styling mahi, running Cool Pretty Cool and taking photos for content creation projects. All the while studying Te Reo Māori as I try to keep up with my 3-year-old, who let’s be honest, is learning at a much faster pace than me!

I handpick projects that strongly align with my style and ethics and try to go out of my way to support local brands and sustainable and ethical makers. I very occasionally dip into the lifestyle and beauty world but for the most part my heart is in fashion!

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