FNZ Creators Power List: Harry Dalton

Fashion for me now is a means of self expression.

I’m a Dad, a model, washed-up rugby player and I run a pretty cool little marketing agency in Auckland that I started 3 years ago.I grew up in the Wellington seaside town of Island Bay. I loved being a child there. My life revolved around rugby, surfing and skateboarding. It was the skatepark where I first became interested in fashion. 

I distinctly remember seeing the older kids in big baggy pants, tall tees and American style flat caps. I was in some sports shorts and a t-shirt I made with my brothers, brandished with ‘Bay Surferz’ on the front with a hibiscus leaf.

I come from a pretty hardcore rugby background, where expressing an ounce of your feminine side, or creative self expression was quickly squashed by your peers and adults.I feel like I’m playing catch-up on those years of bottling it all up – others would say otherwise.

Now I get to work in so many different parts of the fashion world. From building fashion brands through digital marketing, PR and brand strategy, to modeling and developing shoots with photographers and directors.

I think New Zealand has some of the bravest, most innovative fashion in the world where we don’t place amazing style on whether you’re wearing the most expensive brand, rather it’s how out-there you push the boundaries. I love fashion in Aotearoa, and I’m just happy to play a role in its growth and development.

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