FNZ Creators Power List: Mandy Duncan

I like to think my social media is a haven for inspiration, where family values intertwine with effortless fashion.

I’m Mandy, a very proud wife and mother to three incredible kids. A decade ago, I took my first steps into the vast landscape of social media, opening the door to a fascinating journey that seamlessly blends family life with a profound passion for fashion.

Fashion is more than a mere interest for me; it’s a part of my DNA. Raised in a household where style was an art form, my grandmother, a true fashion virtuoso, crafted her own magnificent clothing. Her influence was palpable—she never left the house without exuding the glamour of an Oscar attendee. Adding to this sartorial lineage is my mum, who has been an integral part of the fashion world for over 30 years, contributing her expertise to names such as Bendon, Anne Geddes and Lee Jeans.

I take pride in curating looks that epitomize effortlessness – styles that resonate with anyone, whether they gravitate towards mainstream or high end designers. My goal is simple: to empower others to replicate these looks, proving that fashion is an inclusive realm where everyone can find their unique style.

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