FNZ Creators Power List: Mary Outram

Fashion, for me, isn’t about how you look, it’s a feeling. What I’m passionate about is inspiring others with their outfit choices and instilling that same feeling into their everyday.

Hi, I’m Mary, or as the online world knows me… “Mary Oh”.  

I would describe my style as happy. It’s full of colour, combining classic elegance with a modern and bright edge. I adore experimenting with unique patterns and vibrant combinations, often embracing the art of colour blocking to try and make a statement look that might feel a little out of the box or different from anything I’ve seen someone wear before.  

 During my childhood, I didn’t have the luxury of frequent clothing purchases due to financial constraints. So, my Mum, a skilled sewer stepped in as my personal fashion designer for special occasions. It became a bit of a tradition and one I treasure dearly. Every year, she would make a special birthday outfit for me, and I would proudly wear a dress she had lovingly sewn. Looking back, I really believe this is where my passion for fashion truly began. I enjoyed the idea of having a say in what I wore – the choice of fabric, the design of the collar, and the overall shaping or finish. I’ve always been into standing out, for feeling different, and Mums homemade outfits allowed me to be unique.   

More recently, my Mum and I embarked on a significant creative project together. We collaboratively sketched up a design for my dream mini-wedding dress (for my European elopement), I was then able to work with the team from Hera Couture in Auckland to bring this sketch to life. A truly memorable experience. Professionally, my background is anchored in media and marketing. I’ve spent a significant part of my working life in this dynamic field, transitioning seamlessly from traditional media (TV and Radio) to the digital marketing landscape where I now work full-time in Christchurch. It’s an industry I cherish because it’s an ongoing learning experience, particularly when it comes to learning about business growth and scaling a business online. I’ve got some exciting ideas in the pipeline that I’m eager to explore soon. 

Alongside that I’m also a content creator, with a strong passion for sharing fashion content and outfits I wear online in the hope will inspire others. Last year, I embarked on a project that was close to my heart – an 8-part mini-series for social media called “Let’s Chat.” I dished out fashion and styling tips, and I took the reins by financing and planning the whole production. It was my way of giving back to my incredible online community and adding value for them with my advice. This year, I’ve been busy with another project, a work in progress. However, again in the near future I am hoping to bring back “Let’s Chat” in a slightly revised and new format.  

For me, clothes aren’t just about a piece of fabric that you put on and wear; they give me this happiness inside and the most amazing feeling. On those days when I’m not quite feeling my best, picking out an awesome outfit can be a game-changer. It’s like an instant mood booster, shifting my perspective and making my day feel better because I feel good about myself in what I am wearing. Clothes and style are about self-confidence, self-love and they have this incredible ability to shift your entire mood.

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