FNZ Creators Power List: Portia Prince

Being in the central hub of fashion helped develop my style and strong identity.

My name is Portia Prince, I’m born and raised in the UK, spending most of my adult life in London. There I worked as a model booker before moving into the industry myself. I was lucky enough to travel a lot with modeling and work with some incredible global brands, all of this has shaped my sense of style. I created my own community of diverse and forward thinking individuals. 

My style usually has a relaxed element with a focus on staple vintage pieces.I love to purchase and hold on to them until the right time to wear, sometimes can be months! I had a whole storage unit full of pieces from my travels that I’ve since scaled down since moving to Aotearoa. I love my items to have a backstory (the day or place I bought it). Fashion can be a great way to support your friends that design or create things too. I look more at values and messages over aesthetics. Comfort is key for me, I wear clothing more confidently when I feel like myself. 

Since moving to Aotearoa 3 years ago,  I have been raising my daughter with my partner Honè, moving into a full time digital content space which allows me to take control and have creative control. It’s  important to me and not something modeling allows so this space aligns a lot more through motherhood. My goals are to create authentically, not always striving for huge insights or views but with clear messages that my community may or may not have spoken about before.

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