Matilda Rice co-designs new collection for Jockey

Jockey NZFW 2018

Matilda Rice on the runway in the underwear she co-designed at the Jockey New Zealand Fashion Week 2018 show. Image by Katherine Tuenter.

Jockey recently released their new underwear collection for Spring/Summer 2018 and Jockey ambassador Matilda Rice co-designed the new women’s collection. The brand celebrated the new range at a fun-filled New Zealand Fashion Week show yesterday that saw Matilda, several All Blacks and Jessica Quinn take to the runway alongside the models.

We caught up with Matilda prior to the show to find out more about the collection she co-designed with Jockey, what pieces she loved from the range and her favourite brands to see on the fashion week runway.

Can you tell us about the new Jockey collection and your part in designing it?
The new Jockey collaboration is super cute, fun, and feels like Spring! Jockey and I worked closely together through every step of the design process, and I loved every minute of it.

What was the process like and how did it feel to see (and wear) the finished product?
The process was made really easy by Jockey’s design team who walked me through the process. We went through what felt like 1000s of prints and colours until we came up with this one. I’m so proud of the end product, and LOVE the feeling of being able to rock underwear that I designed.

Was it your first time being involved in garment design and what did you learn about designing underwear?
Yes, this was my first foray in to design (of any type!). I learned a lot about the thought that goes in to each line. So much planning around trends, and what each line represents. That was a lot of fun.

What are your favourite Jockey pieces from the new range and why?
The crops (both print and colour). I have so many crop tops, but I feel like these ones really stand out, and the colours are so much fun to wear!

Jockey have another big show coming up at NZFW this year and this is your third time as ambassador on the runway, what are your tips for runway confidence?
I’m so excited to do the Jockey show again! They are so much fun. My tips are to just let LOOSE! Don’t worry what other people think of you, and just have a party out there. It’s the most liberating feeling so make the most of it!

What do you love most about being in Jockey’s NZFW show?
I love the confidence it gives me, and I love that I never feel judged. Every time I’ve walked for Jockey I have felt nothing but love from the crowd.

Are you going to any other NZFW shows this year and who are your favourite brands to see on the runway?
I’m going to a few! I can’t wait for Kathryn Wilson’s show as hers are always so much fun! I’m also looking forward to Stolen Girlfriends Club simply because nothing says fashion week quite like their show!

Matilda Rice x Jockey

Matilda Rice x Jockey

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