The full Rabanne x H&M line-up has been revealed and brb, we’re manifesting

Old-Hollywood, new me

Founded in 1966, legendary Spanish fashion house Rabanne has been enjoying a massive resurgence amongst a younger fashion set since its Paris Fashion Week show in March – one which paid tribute to the innovating, scintillating creations of its eponymous designer who passed away in February, aged 88.

Famous for its 1970s space glamazon aesthetic (references to the Space Race were rife in fashion at the time), Rabanne enters a new atmosphere this NZ summer as the latest designer to collaborate with fashion monolith, H&M.

For those of us with let’s say, champagne taste on a sparkling Antipodes budget, H&M’s designer collabs are our Superbowl. Or our Eras tour, if we couldn’t get tickets to the Eras tour.

And now, with less than a month until Rabanne x H&M lands at Auckland’s Commercial Bay (the only store in New Zealand to house the designer collection), it’s time for us to come together and manifest.

Mainstays of the house of Rabanne – shift dresses, metallic clashes, discs galore – are set to turn the party factor all the way up, and best of all, the collection extends beyond womenswear into menswear and the home. This year’s New Year’s Eve parties are going to be disco heaven.

But the party needn’t stop there. We’ve thought of a Rabanne x H&M moment for every occasion.

See you on November 9th!

You’ve RSVP’d to a Christmas party but can’t bring yourself to embrace the ugly sweater theme. 

Fear not, young chic-ling. A turtleneck with a touch of sparkle will do just the trick: less Aunt Carol’s knitting project, more angel atop the tree. Not to mention, much more likely to receive evergreen wardrobe treatment – and what’s more chic than being eco-friendly? 

You’re ambiguous about The Shy Guy’s dress code. 

Look, aren’t we all. But social status points fully intact, you’re here to let your hair down while making a personal branding statement. Will it be by way of a booth and a bottle of 2015 Dom, or a nifty little fit? Let’s make it both.

You’re swanning around the pool of your Waiheke Airbnb, pretending you’re in a Slim Aarons photograph.

“I really could live here,” you muse to yourself as a crisp sip of Daniel Le Brun lands at your lips. You place imaginary leopard statues around this 70s lockwood estate. 

You’ve scored a coveted table at Rose’s Dining Room

It’s your birthday and as a Scorpio (or Sag, or Cap) you’ll exude Main Character Energy if you want to. But, in case your besties have been a bit too busy wrangling nearly-impossible reservations to specifically indulge your astrological glory, you’ll have your not-so-secret weapon – a sparkly bag that commands a seat *on* the table, ready to pull focus in all the food snaps.  

You’ve just re-read Truman Capote’s Answered Prayers.

In burning anticipation of the release of Ryan Murphy’s Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, you’re getting a cultural head start on this summer’s must-see TV moment by embracing your inner Gloria Guinness (when we all know you’re really a Slim Keith).

Your stick and poke tattoo has healed just in time for Laneway 2024. Naturally, you need the perfect frame to show it off.  

You might not need the post-ink gladwrap, but you’ll definitely want some pasties. No one should have to hot-foot it from Suki Waterhouse to Stormzy with chainlink-itis nips.

You’re cruising to Noosa and your Bumble radius is set to 100 metres. 

No baggage weight restrictions + no metal detector on the boat = the Rabanne moment of a lifetime. Plus, your romantic mode of transport provides the perfect sea-meets-sky blue backdrop for a Bumble pic. A match 50 metres away? That G+T is looking a little empty… another round, ladies?