Rosie Shelton from Luna & Rose on their Circularity Project

Luna and Rose Golden Giveback Project

Rosie Shelton, founder of Luna & Rose. Image supplied.

Fast fashion is the antithesis of ethical and sustainable jewellery brand Luna & Rose, who offer beautifully hand-crafted, sterling silver and gold accessories. Years of industry experience prompted Luna & Rose founder and designer Rosie Shelton to abandon wasteful habits and adopt a circular business model.

“As a designer, I saw the amount of waste that went into seasonal collections that we worked so hard to design and produce,” says Rosie. “I wanted to create a label that would be a part of the new economy that uses things, rather than uses them up.”

Since launching in 2014, the business has been operating on small-scale and closed loop production to ensure quality control and worker benefits. Any left-over product is recycled, melted for re-use in the next collection.

In furtherance of the brand’s sustainability ethos, the Luna & Rose annual ‘Golden Giveback Project runs for six weeks and allows customers to return old jewellery in exchange for a minimum $30 voucher. Between August and September 2020, Luna & Rose collected enough sterling silver to make around 130 necklaces or 215 rings, plus additional materials.

Designed by Rosie, all Luna & Rose pieces are artisan-made by silversmiths in Bali and a local Kiwi goldsmith. The 2020 gold collection follows these same principles of recycling. Resistance to commercial production means that Luna & Rose craftsmen can add their artistic mark, making each piece intrinsically unique.

“Our vision is to offer a curation of sustainable, slowly made, artisan produced, fashion focused accessories to carry with you on life’s adventures for many years to come,” says Rosie.

For Luna & Rose customers, buying sustainably means knowing the environmental impact of any necklace, ring, or earring, and that generational craftsmen and artisans are nurtured along the way.

The next Golden Giveback Project is set to open March 2021 and run until mid-April 2021. For information on how you can take part, head to lalunarose.com.

Luna and Rose Golden Giveback Project

Luna and Rose Golden Giveback Project

Luna and Rose Golden Giveback Project

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