NZ Fashion News: everything worth knowing and shopping

Thought this time of year was all about Christmas gift guides? Think again.

It’s the time of year where Christmas party I-cal invites and ‘let’s circle back in 2024’ emails take over precious screen real estate. 

So, we’ve whipped up a little palate cleanser to cut through the corporate clutter: a round up of everything you might have missed from the local fashion scene. 

The verdict? New Zealand’s fashion set have been busier than Greg from Accounts in his pass-ag, company-wide-email-level quest for RSVPs to Friday night’s pizza party. From global collabs launching in Aotearoa before anywhere else, to (a somewhat stylish Uno-reverse) local brands taking over Bravocon, here’s everything to keep you in the loop. 

Maccas x Crocs Collaboration launches first in New Zealand 

When it comes to collabs, or anything worth saving up for, Aotearoa often pulls the shortstraw, if we get anything to pull at all. Want proof? We just have to look at the pent-up elation at Glossier’s decision to ship our way, a cool decade after it made its way onto our screens. 

McDonalds and Crocs, our saving grace, are not just an exception to this rule (choosing New Zealand to be the first place to launch their collection) but a stellar example of just how hearty a collaboration between two heavyweights can be. It ticks every box for both a nostalgic hit, with Crocs designed around the iconic McDonald’s characters (larger-than-life Jibbitz very much included), and an unapologetically bold way to show your love to nuggies. It’s perhaps an apt piece-de-resistance for the pop culture comeuppance both brands have seen—Crocs especially—in recent years (although we’d argue nuggies have always had our hearts).

The full McDonald’s x Crocs Collection and its pack of Jibbitz™ charms can be shopped at Platypuss Shoes. Like the rush for a Breakfast McMuffin, however, the limited number of pairs means swift action is required. Oh, and want a piece of information to pull out when you’re swanning around a few inches taller in your fuzzy Grimace Cozzzy sandals? Then know that the model tasked with holding the McDonald’s x Crocs Classic Clog was plucked from a New Zealand McDonald’s, and flown to the states for the occasion. 

Wynn Hamlyn’s Resort 24 collection is live

You gushed over the snaps that did their rounds on the internet fresh off their AAFW runway show in May—and now, we’re pleased to share, Wynn Hamlyn’s Resort 24’ collection is officially live. Giving more laps through the Monte-Carlo’s Tunnel energy than laps around a turquoise pool, hurricane glass in hand, it’s quite frankly a refreshingly structured take on resort collections for us more structured dressers. Find utilitarian neutrals layered with hits of yellows, blue and (true to its motorsporting influence) a few Ferrari-reds in straight-cut yet sculptural styles. With every Resort ‘24 look released as of last week, everything is at your fingertips to plan and pre-order your Summer personality. Who, judging by the high-octane sleekness, is set for a podium finish in the sartorial awards. 

Hej Hej closes a chapter

Linen lovers, a moment of silence. The local legends behind dressing us for frolics in fields for summer and ‘smore-making-ready knits come winter, HejHej, is winding down for good. From spearheading Aotearoa’s newfound obsession with linen, hosting the most breezy of NZFW showcases (anyone remember sipping pink gin on the wooden decks of a superyacht in 2018?) and simply providing a sustainable hit of dopamine to anyone who has a piece of Hej Hej hanging in their wardrobe, their imprint will be sorely missed. It’s not all catastrophic news, however. The online store will remain open until 31 December this year, as shared in the heart-tugging Instagram post penned by Alice and Kiki that broke the news.  Until then, perhaps a snagging of one of their last pieces (at very pretty sale prices, we solemnly note) will come close to serving as a consolation. 

Jojo Ross’ final drop for 2023 

We hope your heart didn’t skip a beat skimming over the word ‘final’ just now. But rather, your heart fluttered at the sight of Jojo Ross’ latest pieces. The very last for the year have landed just in time for the day-to-night looks this year commands. More of an effortless glide between work and parties than the early 2000’s magazine take on this motion (no statement belts or heels needed, thank you) these pieces are quintessentially coded with Jojo’s quirky takes on classics. Your trusty party dress gets a lift by way of a snake Jacquard with The Martini Dress. Or the classic of all classics, madame little black dress offers more than what meets the eye in the Avenue Dress’ plissê. The bubbly texture may be invisible to the naked, two-metre away eye, but will certainly be noticed by the hand that brushes too close to you to snag the last Christmas canapé. 

New Zealand brands BW36.174 and GEOJ own Bravocon 

New Zealand hearts collectively skip a beat when we so much as hear our nation’s name uttered on the big screen. Or any screen. Seeing one of our most promising labels, BW 36.174 (styled by local Bailee Wilson-Pledger, AKA Five Foot Nothing) decked on fellow New Zealander and reality TV favourite, Aesha Scott, on multiple occasions, and paired with Cecilia Kang Couture earrings, for a second Bravocon in a row? And then again on her Below Deck comrade Katie-Maree Flood (with his logo proudly emblazoned,) who chased this with a look by GEOJ? Oh now we’re simply swooning. 

Add into proof that loud luxury is very much on the rise and the fact that it’s Aotearoa-based labels trailblazing their way to this global, glittering domination? We feel like rather proud mother hens. Until such times, we’ll be scrolling Georgia Josephine’s online store—which FYI, has its own Bravocon 2023 edit—and swanning around 36.174’s soon-to-open Remuera boutique with mega ‘we called it first’ energy.

Reine gets down to business with a new Summer Collection 

Summer dressing doesn’t have to mean going all in on flounce, flutter and strappy silhouettes. Reine’s freshly-launched collection of made-to-order styles proves that structure, and summer can coexist, thank you very much. Blazers stay firmly put—minus the sleeves a-la Isabel, for ultimate ventilation. As does the trench, which sees a spin off into scorching-weather-friendly hemline and sleeve crops, like the Josephine and Margaux Trenches. The same can be said for Reine’s dress department, where sun-smart, structural nonchalance and chic convene in shirt dresses, off-shoulder 60’s moments, sweeping 70’s plunge necks, and of course, Reine’s flagship blazer dresses. Basically, anything you need to channel your inner Catherine Deneuve this summer is at your fingertips—even if it’s the beaches and bach decks of Pauanui you’re swanning around, in lieu of St Trop’.


Stolen Girlfriends’ Club Love Claw makes a mesmerising return

The perennial piece-de-resistance of any Ponsonby it-girl or boy’s wardrobe, the Stolen Girlfriends’ Club Love Claw ring is back with a whimsical edge. Taking the place of the usual jet-black stone, this time, is a midnight blue Sandstone, AKA Galaxy Stone. Crystal girlies will tell you that it’s a channel for calming and healing properties, whereas those more easily distracted will find their calm by staring simply into the stone’s universe of star-like flecks. Consider the Love Claw ring’s chokehold on fashion officially renewed for another season.

Yu Mei’s Spring Summer ’24 is here

Yu Mei has collaborated with renowned French photographers Philippine Chaumont and Agathe Zaerpour for its Spring Summer ’24 campaign, marking the start of a bold, forward-looking era for the luxury leather goods label. The Parisian duo—who work together as Chaumont Zaerpour—are notable for their personality-driven series. “The launch of the Yu Mei Spring Summer ’24 collection signals a creative evolution for us. It presents our wearers with new narratives, shapes and design-thinking that will become staples of the YuMei family. We needed the campaign to be equally distinctive,” says Yu Mei founder and creative director Jessie Wong.

Spring Summer ‘24 is now available from Yu Mei Lounges and selected stockists worldwide.

The second part of Marle’s “Right Down The Line” Resort ‘23 collection is feeding our NYC summer fantasies

A conduit from the old world to the new, Marle’s resort collection, Right Down the Line is made up of a rich tapestry of textures inspired by summer in New York City. Holding a sense of understated elegance and deeply honouring the years gone by, soft intricate embroidery as seen in the cotton cloth Thea Shirt, Abuela Hat and high waisted pencil Gina Skirt, applique and raw edge stitching combine with a palette of wasabi, sorbet, bone and birch.“We’ve introduced several coordinating separates for this collection which are great when worn together for a tonal look but work back just as effortlessly with existing pieces in your wardrobe,” says Juliet. Part one and two of Right Down The Line is available online and in selected stores now!

Knuefermann leathergood and the Palermo print skirt

Knuefermann gives Hermès a run for their money with new leathergoods and the Palermo print

Is Auckland’s veritable queen of all things sleek, black, and slinky, Knuefermann, coming for Hermès’ post? The signs—a freshly launched leather line, made in New Zealand from New Zealand hides—point to a refreshing yes. In true Knuefermann style, they’re understated and available in *exactly* the neutral shade your heart and wardrobe palette desires (no compromising on a slightly off orange “tan” needed). The same grace is extended to the hardware, with a gold or nickel toned clasp to boot. The biggest clue, however, is the fiercely equine inclusion in this drop: the Palermo Prince Skirt. Adorned with gallant horses and a few cheetahs, it embodies a level of chiaroscuro and movement plucked straight from a Caravaggio painting. Poetically, we think it’s the perfect piece to march Knuefermann into this next chapter. Or for us laypeople to collect our cappuccino in.