14 new products that prove haircare is the new skincare

New hair, new you

The 2000s were all about Dream Matte Mousse and pin-straight hair, courtesy of the newly-invented ghd. The 2010s were defined by the baddie brow and overdrawn lips in – if you could get your hands on it – the Kylie Jenner-approved MAC Velvet Teddy. 2020 saw the beginning of skin being in – a beauty trend bolstered by lockdowns and unlimited time on our hands to cleanse, tone and moisturise.

And so it goes that our pandemic-inspired obsession with beauty rituals has ushered in the era of hair and scalp care.

From serums and scalp treatments to a new generation of hot tools that won’t leave your locks looking Laguna Beach-level fried, we’ve rounded up the latest launches to get you on your journey to ultimate hair health.


When your idea of an indulgent night graduates from rooftop bar hopping to turning your phone off and taking an ‘everything’ shower, there’s a new shot to reach for. Promising to leave you with a revitalised scalp rather than a thumping temple, HairShots‘ active blends are crafted for all hair concerns. And nope, you don’t have to part ways with your tried-and-true shampoo. Rather, blend 1-2 drops of your go-to shot with your usual product and leave it in for a minimum two minutes before rinsing.  

Lasting 20-25 uses, these six, pocket-sized bottles pack multiple punches. A shot of Keratin Bond Repair will restore damaged manes to their former glory; the Insta Lustre will make fitting in a pre-event Brazilian Blowout appointment a thing of the past, and if squeaky clean hair is your Everest, the Activated Charcoal in the very deep cleaning Product Detox will draw impurities right out. Decision paralysis? Opt for the full HairShots collection (or six of your choice) by way of the Celebrity Box.

Lady Jayne Scalp Restorative Brush

Ever had your hairstylist describe your scalp as ‘tight’? Us neither, until recently, thus proving that scalp health is the hair conversation we’re all supposed to be having now. Here’s a tip straight from the source: self-massage from the comfort of your own bathroom is the ticket out of this predicament. Our pick of tools is Lady Jayne’s Scalp Restorative Brush. Atop a bamboo holder, silicone bristles are long enough to stimulate your scalp through any grade of hair thickness, yet supple enough to move without causing a bird’s nest. Not to mention, there’s no chance of it catching your roots like a week-three gel manicure (collective shudder), and that’s really all we ask of a hairwash ritual.

ghd Dreamland Holiday Collection

If the last time you straightened your hair was when your wardrobe was full of Wildpair dresses and 3Oh!3 was on the radio, there’s probably a few developments we can share with you regarding your old friend, the ghd – namely their flagship Platinum+ SMART styler.

  1. Not only does it respond to how speedily you style your hair, it uses Ultra-zone® predictive technology to figure out how thick your hair is, ensuring no chance of excessive, extreme heat. 
  2. Moulded to a wishbone hinge shape, the tongs are gently rounded to safeguard against hair snagging. 
  3. Look closely, and you’ll see the ceramic plates push in oh-so gently for an effortless glide that leaves no accidental kinks in its wake. 
  4. It puts itself to sleep after 30 minutes of inactivity, no matter if it’s plugged in or switched on. The kind of beauty x AI crossover we (and our anxiety) are fully on board with.

And just in time for Christmas, ghd’s new ‘Dreamland’ festive collection features an eye-catching peacock colourway with an opalescent brushed Jade finish. Packed away in a powder-pink velvet vanity case, it would look right at home in the boudoir of Jayne Mansfield. Or Sofia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette. Or, yours.

Sans [ceuticals] Hair Recovery Kit

If your hair has found itself in hangover territory, be it from excessive heat styling, exposure to the elements, or an overambitious attempt at a box dye job, then reach for New Zealand brand Sans [ceuticals]‘ soon-to-launch Hair Recovery Kit. 

The first half of this power-duo is the multi-functional PH Shine Corrector. The epitome of underpromise, overdeliver, it doesn’t just add shine and seriously smooth frizz, it acts as an intensive treatment to get roughly-treated hair back to optimum health. Part two, the Nourishing Hair Hydratant Ultra+ gives more grunt to your everyday hair conditioner, and can also be used as a masque or an anti-frizz smoothing treatment. 

All wrapped up in the chicest waterproof cosmetic bag we’ve ever seen, the Hair Recovery Kit launches November 7 at sansceuticals.com

Guerlain Abeille Royale Scalp & Hair

You know it can only be good news when one of France’s most esteemed fragrance and beauty houses launches a line of haircare. Abeille Royale – Guerlain’s elegant, high-performance and honey-powered beauty range – is moving on up (from the face to the hair, that is) and bringing with it over 140 years of know-how.

More than a shampoo and conditioner situation, Abeille Royale Scalp & Hair includes a Double Radiance and Repair Mask in a honeyed gel, a Youth Oil Serum and a sculptural brush that one could mistake for a tiny Byzantine statue. More than a sensorial experience, Abeille Royale literally shines by boosting the scalp’s self-repair mechanisms, protecting the hair fibre’s capacity to ward off stressors, and smoothing the actual hair structure. Keep you eyes peeled for its imminent arrival at Smith & Caughey’s Guerlain counters and online.

Gisou Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum 

Has our beloved mānuka found a worthy rival in Mirsalehi honey? If we were to base our decision on the way it balances the scalp’s microbiome, and the very Instagrammable bottle in which it’s housed (thank you, Gisou) all signs point to yes. Itchy, irritated, flaky scalps are soothed, while the layers below are hydrated. Throw in the fact that it’s lightweight, fast-absorbing and leave-on, and there’s plenty to love. Or rather, for your scalp’s microflora to love – that added prebiotic complex isn’t in there for decoration. 

Dyson Ceramic Pop 

Further proof that turquoise with a dash of pink are the hot hairstyler colours du-jour, Dyson’s limited-edition Ceramic Pop colourway appears more like a Warholian sculpture than a hair tool. Adding to Dyson’s universe of expertly engineered and beautifully designed products (hello, Dyson Supersonic Noise-Cancelling Headphones), you’ll find Ceramic Pop options for both the Supersonic hair dryer and the Airwrap multi-styler. Featuring orange, pastel pink and turquoise attachments for every styling need, Ceramic Pop isn’t just a fun excuse to upgrade your current styler, it’s also the key to avoiding any mixups in your flat’s overstuffed bathroom drawers. 

Lush Super Milk Conditioning Spray

The lovechild of a conditioner, heat protective spray and a primer (yes, just like for your face) Lush’s award-winning Super Milk Conditioning Spray helps with a myriad of hair predicaments – be it detangling, refreshing next-day curls, or protecting against heat styling. Holding moisture without looking greasy, it’s highly rated for making the thickest, coarsest of manes sleek, and giving structure to dead-straight tresses. With lemon juice, extra virgin olive oil and conditioning coconut, oat, and almond milk, the ingredients list might read like your local cafe’s breakfast menu, but just like that healthy brunch, it’s all in the service of rehydrating and protecting your hair with nature’s best.

Violette FR La Frange Puff

Fringe or not, anyone with overzealous sebaceous glands can appreciate Violette FR’s La Frange Puff. A pocket-sized dry shampoo that neatly soaks up oil with a pouff of bristles, leaving your shoulders (and probably your lungs) free of powder and aerosol ephemera, it’s also refillable. Another win for the planet? You don’t have to travel far for your fix of Violette FR, because this very Insta-friendly brand by French makeup artist Violette Serrat (former global beauty director for Estée Lauder and now creative director of beauty at Guerlain) is finally in boutiques in Aotearoa and online. Merci, Mecca. 

Kérastase Symbiose Anti-Dandruff Haircare

Proving that anything can look sexy in a Kérastase bottle, the French haircare brand has just launched its sleek and silver-toned Symbiose line, designed to tackle excess flakes from the follicle by regulating the cellular renewal process. Taking it up a huge notch from your dad’s Head & Shoulders is the Micro-Peeling Cellulaire. Just like a peel you’d pay for at your favourite facialist, this stand-out product instantly exfoliates the scalp, ridding it of skin dead cells with the double action of a micro-peeling acid and exfoliating microbeads. Designed to prime your scalp to better absorb anything that comes its way, follow up with Kérastase Symbiose shampoo and conditioner and the Anti Dandruff Night Serum to really hit your dandruff where it hurts.

Ceremonia launches at Mecca

Haircare shouldn’t be a chore – so says Ceremonia, the newest and arguably most gorgeous line of haircare just added to Mecca’s shelves. If the thought of hair wash admin fills you with slight dread, consider what Ceremonia’s collection could do to turn that around. Built around a next-gen approach to hair and scalp health, founder Babba Rivera took inspiration from her Latin heritage to design a range that celebrates the richness of Latin culture and addresses diverse hair needs. One trawl through Ceremonia at Mecca and we’re eyeing up the Aloe Vera Oil Mist (a weightless, everyday pick-me-up), the Papaya Salt Scrub, Pequi Anti-Frizz Styling Gel (toodles, flyaways), the Aceite de Moska Oil for scalp rebalancing and the Pequi Curl Activator for those blessed with big curl potential.

Chloe Zara Hair products and comb, part of the Scalp Facial

Chloe Zara Scalp Facial

Here’s a scalp-health boosting kit that saves you a trip to the hair salon – or not, depending on how you look at it. 

The beauty of the Chloe Zara Scalp Facial is that it’s adaptable to your social sensibilities. For the full salon experience, book yourself in at M11 Studio and indulge in this 30-minute add on. Introverts – the experience is all yours without so much as a peep of wash-basin small talk, when you purchase the Scalp Facial Kit and follow the very thorough DIY directions. Featuring a hair and body oil as well as the brand’s original silk hair balm and the covetable Chloe Zara comb, you’re just a Diptyque candle away from a salon moment – except better, because you can watch Made in Chelsea reruns in the background. 

Glow Lab Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner

Did you know that it’s possible to scientifically measure hair frizz? The legends at Glow Lab did, and have created a duo to boot. Aptly named the Smoothing Shampoo and Conditioner, this creation – conveniently available at supermarkets – is designed to reduce hair frizz by up to 56%. Such an impressive reduction is due to an extract from sugar beets – GENENCARE® OSMS BA – which is a natural Betaine (a group of amino acids that helps with cellular reproduction). Throw in some Macadamia Oil for its natural source of healthy fatty acids and the result is a moisturised scalp, regulated oil production and shinier hair.

Bumble and Bumble Seaweed Scalp Scrub

The more we think about it, the more we realise the imperative of a product like Bumble and Bumble’s new Seaweed Scalp Scrub. After all, name an area more prone to gunk and dampness than one’s scalp? Just like the body-focused, coffee-granule counterparts that featured in many shower shelfies circa 2016, this one, formulated with Dead Sea salt, takes a thorough approach to buffing away build up. Dry shampoo? Scrubbed clear. Sebum overload? Gone. As for sweat that lingers on your scalp? Absolutely busted through. Add to your shower caddy and you won’t look back.